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  1. Bardy-II

    06 VZ Engine Shaking during Idle & Drive

    So my car is finally registered, and after that I thought I might get a bit of fun out of it, but to no prevail. I was driving my car this morning fine. I go to start it in the afternoon and the engine is shaking and running so so so rough at idle, the engine light is flickering on and off. To...
  2. Shaan

    Car is shaking 2006 VZ SV6

    Hi guys, was driving to the shop today and as I accelerated at the lights the engine alert came up with check drive train plus the car started shaking. This has happened before and it was a cyl 2 missfire. Got that fixed and now it’s happening again a few months down the road. Just wanted to...
  3. M

    Vibrating diff?

    Hey guys, a few days ago i noticed my 2004 vz wagon has a bit of a vibrating/shaking when under load or at about 4000+rpm that feels like its coming from the rear of the car, I thightend my tans mount to the factory torque setting and the shaking from the rear seems a bit worse now, any ideas?
  4. C

    What do you reckon's wrong with my Holden Astra?

    Sorry, I know this is a commodore forum, but I have a Holden Astra 2003, 1.8Lr manual and I hope this is okay. So here is the problem, when I start the car, engine revs from back and forth from 800 to 2000 rpm for about 30 seconds, then settles to 1200rpm. When driving, car has no power...
  5. J

    vs commodore help and info shaking/vibrating

    hey guys my 96 VS commodore acclaim seems to shake/ vibrate alot when idling at first i thought it was missing but it just shakes. runs perfect when driving though just shakes when im stopped. any idea's what this could be? i know a fair few people that have the same problem. my compression for...
  6. 9

    shaking manual gearbox between 2500 and 3500 rpm ??? any ideas ??

    hey all i have just done a manual conversion to my 1994 vr commy it drives fine no slipping nice changes between gears but it shakes a little between 2500 and 3500 rpm in all gears including neutral i have followed the how to guide from the start (well done by the way was very easy to follow)and...
  7. [p]wrr-247

    need help vs stalled then shudering

    hey was driving my car 2 nite did an oil flush and changed the oil today car was goin heaps smoother runing good then went for a drive 2 nite as i was bored got up to about 80 kmh then the car just turned off had enough roll to get into a servo the engine light an oil light was on so i...