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shift kit info

  1. M

    MPS Stage 2 Shift kit (Auto)

    Hey, Wondering if anyone has come across this website/ organisation or have been through these guys https://www.mpskits.com.au/ $250 for MPS Stage 2 shift kit. Product and installation. Thoughts?
  2. Miickyy

    Help !! Professional opinion or experience ??

    Ride: 2001 A4 VX SS 2001 keeping it short and sweet ? ANY OPINIONS OR EXPERIENCES ON THE FOLLOWING SET UP? I have the following Power: 235 rwkw. Diff: 3.45's does anyone in this country have a straight answer to what i need, i am very interested in a stage 2 shift kit with 500 thou...
  3. S2_VR_

    Stage 2 or Stage 3 shift kit?.....can someone just quickly explain

    ok so, just a little list whats the difference between stage 2 and 3. (details on how it improves a stock box)?? and why does every one get stage 2? why not get stage 3?? is there much $$cost difference.? how much "around abouts" is it to get installed? thanks guys