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shift kit

  1. BerlinaSeriesI

    MPS Shift Kits

    Hi guys, Has anyone used MPS Shift Kits? Looking into getting them to do a stage 2 shift kit in my vs ute. Would like to know if it's worth going to them or should I go somewhere else. Thanks.
  2. R

    Need help. Gearbox related

    Gday guys. Ive got a vt l67 with decent cam and some go fast bits on it. Its Got a shift kitted 4l60e and a standard v6 torque converter. Was giving it abit of curry one night and it just made a terrible sort high pitched sound from the gearbox area and just came to a stop. Wouldnt move you...
  3. L

    2000 VT Acclaim Sedan B&M ShiftPlus+ kit HELP!

    Hey guys, I bought one of these B&M ShiftPlus+ kits and I'm trying to find the relevant wires to tap into. I know there are other threads here but none of them actually state where and what wires I need to install this kit. any help would be very appreciated! Cheers Jordan
  4. moocow

    WH LS1 shift kit

    Hey guys, Yesterday I bought a WH statesmen. It's an LS1 and apparently has a 4L60e transmission. I have a 4L60e trans out of a VS commodore that I put a stage 2 shift kit in. I want to transfer it to my stato and I'm wondering, are the valve bodies the same? As in, can I just take the valve...
  5. moocow

    VS shift kit into wh statesman?

    Hey guys, So I'm buying a wh supercharged statesman this weekend and, while I would love to do a manual conversion, I think I would probably run into too much trouble. So my question is, I have a 4L60E from a vs commodore with a stage 2 shift kit that I installed myself, will I be able to...
  6. P

    VR SENATOR 215i stage 3 kit

    Hi all I am looking at getting a stage 3 shift kit out in my vr senator. Where can I go to get this done and roughly what am I looking at cost wise? I used to have a lh Torana with a b&m shifter on it and I want the same feeling in my senator so yeah want to know how I go about this and where to...
  7. R

    VX SS Ls1 Built 4L65E, Trans shifting into second early under load at WOT

    Hey guys, My 2001 VX SS LS1, cammed, mafless tuned, pacemakers and exhaust with built 4L65E 3000 stall is shifting into second gear early under full load with WOT. Even with brake applied at a stand still with or without first gear selected it will try to take off in second gear with WOT...
  8. M

    VZ 175 Shift Kit?

    Hey. I tried doing a search before opening a new thread, but couldn't find much. Just wondering if anyone here has a Stage 2 Shift kit in their VZ? If you do have one, or you know, what are the positives and negatives of getting a shift kit? Obviously it would give you firmer shifts but...
  9. speed__demond

    shift kit fuel consumption?

    hi i have a vr and am thinking of getting a stage two shift kit and a corvette servo installed... will this effect my fuel economy?
  10. A

    tranny help

    ok guys so i have found out that my 3rd/4th gear solinoid id dead other than that the box is pretty healthy. So my queary is, is a stage 2 shift kit going to kill my box quicker or is it going to re-inforce it and make it stronger?? any healp will be good thanks guys oh also somewhere good that...
  11. R

    transgo shift kit options

    hey guys i installed a transgo stage 2 shift kit to my vx v6 on the weekend and am not totally happy with the results. my 1-2 shift is alot firmer (i also fitted corvette servo) but still not as firm as i would have liked. nearly but not quite there. the 2-3 and 3-4 shifts are still very...
  12. T

    Shift Kit

    Looking at getting a shift kit, heard stage 1 is the way to go for a passanger car, ebay has... T700 B&M SHIFT IMPROVER KIT VN VP COMMODORE BM 70239 - eBay Other, Performance Parts, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 09-Aug-10 18:08:29 AEST) only $90 is this the proper...
  13. bazinga

    $2000 5litre vn calais

    [[5LCalais]] Just bought this after selling my turbo r31 decided i needed to go back to a vn and a holden! she needs a little bit of work but i see potential tell me what you think =D Car: 1990 Vn calais-dual fuel ENGINE: 5litre 304 out of a statesman Exhaust: 2.5inch cat back stock...
  14. V

    Stage 3 shift kit information

    Hey im doing up my VR V6, currently being resprayed, got 4.11 and minispool to wack in, in the market for an auto, thinking stage 3 fully manualised, 2500 stall with a b & m quick shifter. soon to be turboed. Just wanted to know with a stage 3, if the auto is in D, will it shift through the...
  15. B

    [VIC] f/s vic vn v8 auto with stage 2 shift kit

    ITEM: Vn V8 Auto with stage 2 shift kit LOCATION: Vic Frankston CONDITION: Used PRICE: $800 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up only PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pick up CONTACT DETAILS: PM, or please call brett on 0439576796 between 3pm and 7pm OTHER INFO: Up for sale my...
  16. pedrotski

    304 What would be the benifits of a Shift kit???

    Hey Guys. I recently lost the high clutch in my auto box, so i got it rebuilt with stronger clutchs, billet servos, monster drum and a 2500 stall. it seems to shift pretty hard under full load lighting up 2nd with ease and kickdown is near instant at speed. it used to chirp 2nd with the...
  17. V

    Blow of Valve on a NA with shift kit

    Hello, i have a VR commodore V6 auto, no turbo, no supercharger thanks to the stupid new laws. I am looking at getting a stage 2 or 3 shift kit which would be better?. also theres a person in my town that has a VY with no turbo or supercharger but has a blow of valve, he told me it works of the...
  18. Disturbed_vegeta

    [QLD] FS: Non irs sl king springs and 4l60e shift kit

    ITEM: basicly just some king springs to suit vb-vs non irs front and rear super lows and a b&m shift kit to suit auto 4l60e which also comes with a boost valve and corvette servos LOCATION: brisbane qld CONDITION: springs are used but still good and shift kit is still new appart from the...
  19. V

    shift kit

    i really badly need your help i just went to a trans shop n they said that it will cost 500 buks to install a shift kit and servo WTF is that does anybody know were i can buy a shift kit and get it installed by the same poeple and how much it will cost oh yer i live in sa