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  1. A

    How to install a monster tacho in vy

    I have a vy series II commodore which is a burnout car. I purchased a monster tacho and I need help with installing it. The tacho has red,black,yellow,green and yellow wires to connect to the car. I have been told about the solid brown wire in front of the coil pack. That is where I connect my...
  2. C

    2004 Clubsport YII shift alert light

    Just picked up a 2004 Clubsport YII and every time i floor it a light comes up saying shift up, it also has an alarm on it.. is there a way to turn this off. The car is an auto so i don't understand why it would be telling me to shift up in drive.
  3. B

    VS in limp mode - Transmission - HELPPPPPPPPP

    Hi everyone, Having an issue with my VS. It appears to be in limp mode with engine light on. I brought the car a year ago from a bloke that said it needed new A&B solenoids. I changed both A&B solenoids aswell as new trans filter and fluid. The light is still on and it wont take off in...
  4. S

    2005 VZ Ececutive Stage 2 Shift Kit?

    2005 VZ Executive Stage 2 Shift Kit? Hey guys, Was just wondering if a Stage 2 Shift Kit would be suitable for my VZ Commodore? Also, is there a specific brand yous would recommend?
  5. speed__demond

    stage 2 shift kit price?

    after a stage two shift kit and a corvete servo in my vr just wondering where anyone has gone for a good price and a good kitt apparently different brands are different.. also.. was it worth it?
  6. J

    shift light on a standard taco?

    i was just wondering if theres any way you can wire up a shift light to a standard tacho and set what revs the light comes on?? cheers!
  7. zvagon

    VZ Auto 'Power Shift'

    Hi all, Glad to be able to legitimately join, having just taken possession of a VZ Wagon 9C1 spec, plus a few other little bits and pieces. In the center console there is button labelled 'PWR' which brings up a 'PWR Shift' dialogue on the dash display. I can't seem to find any information...