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  1. J

    Can you use any replacement shift knob on a VZ manual?

    hey, I want to buy a shift knob off of Ebay but from what i can understand there isn't any thread for the shifter so my question is, is there any thread and if not do i have to buy a special adapter? I'm only changing shift knob because I want to have a different one. thanks
  2. R

    Shifter linkage

    Hi, Does anyone know what type of shifter linkage an auto VE (6l80e) has? A cable or solid linkage? If anyone has a photo of one that would be much appreciated.
  3. B

    VL Hurst shifter

    Hey I'm running the standard MF5 gearbox in my VL and was wondering what Hurst shift lever or full shifter would fit this gearbox if it is even possible ? Mainly only after doing it for the looks
  4. playful

    [NSW] WTB - Getrag VS-VY Billet Shifter.

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy. Will pay up to $300. Will pay more if the price is right and matches the quality of the item. ITEM: Billet short shifter for VS-VY must be in good condition and working order LOCATION: NSW Sutherland Shire CONDITION: New or used doesnt matter as long as it...
  5. W

    VY automatic transmission shift button question.

    Hey, guys. I just have a question regarding the button on the shifter in automatic VY Commodores. I've been driving mine a few years now and I'm only required to depress the shifter button to change up into neutral, reverse and park or to change down into first, but I recently read that...
  6. davo43

    Can't seem to source a leather auto shifter boot - help!

    Hey guys, Does anyone know the part number or where to source a genuine leather shifter boot for a vz auto?? I ordered a part from Holden which was described as "4 seam, anthracite stitch, leather shift boot" and it turned up and it was vinyl - just like my executive but with 4 seams...