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shocks suspension

  1. A

    Buying Used Coilovers

    I've recently found some used XYZ coilovers for my VF, the seller has stated that nothings wrong with them and all is working well. My question is, are there any problems with buying used coilovers? id have to double check how many kms on them, but are there certain things I should lookout for...
  2. D

    Lowering my 2010 VE wagon

    I recently had my 2010 Holden Commodore VE Sportswagon lowered with what I thought was going to be a good set up. However I'm not quite happy and I was wondering if anyone had some advice on how to better set it up. Current Set up: KHFL - 150SL King Spring Set (Front) KHRL - 152SSLHD King...
  3. nickkp

    need help VN feels every single bump in the road

    Hi, does anyone know what would be causing it to bounce around all the time? just got the car and looking at replacing everything i possibly can to fix it, the height is also factory standard, so far im going to replace shocks struts and springs. do i need to replace anything else? what are some...
  4. A

    shorter shock absorbers with standard springs? Any harm or problems caused?

    Hi, so I just bought new monroe shock absorbers for my car and found out that they are for FE2 suspension or equivalent. My build plate says I have standard suspension. Any harm if I go ahead and have them installed? could it lead to any problems in the future?
  5. S

    Rear Shocks Will not come free !

    Arrgh... replacing the rear shocks... its on blocks now and got the spring compressor in place and the spring compressed... bottom end of the shock removed... and now all i need is the top end OUT... rotated it like mad... as I assume its threaded just like the replacement... and no joy...