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  1. Shayluuuh

    2011 VE Series 2 SV6 Sportwagon Shuddering

    Hi guys, have owned this wagon for 5 months now and haven't had this issue before. Just took it on an hour and a half - 2 hour drive this morning, and no problems. Got home, went inside for about half an hour before jumping back in the car. As soon as I turned it back on, instantly started...
  2. Robbo77

    Unknown Issue causing shudder and vibration

    TL,DR shudder/vibration under car when it feels like it Clunk when driving off at times "Helicopter" sound from rear of car Mechanic reckons no loose or obvious wear from inspection Diff oil was low when he serviced it Sorry for the long post guys just wanted to get as much info in as possible...
  3. danielnitschke

    Steering Wheel Shudder while cruising @ 80k

    Hi All, 2003 WK Statesman LS1 I get a frustrating wheel shudder which starts to occur at around 70-80k's. As soon as you go over this (say 100), the shudder disappears. Happens while cruising, with throttle and also while braking (but slightly less). Has been like the entire time I've had...
  4. K

    Engine Shudder At 1500RPM During Climb

    Hi guys, I'm new to Just Commodores (kind of) and I've been scouring the forums for an answer to this but they seems so varied. So here's my problem: For a while now the car has been sending an awful shudder through the car when hitting around 1500-1700RPM when under a little stress (like...
  5. B

    brake shudder

    VY S2 calais LS1 I have an issue where the steering wheel shudders when braking. it doesn't happen all the time and does it at varying speeds. but mainly at the same places on the road. Ie. pulling into driveway I haven't had an issue with any other cars braking there. I did replace all...
  6. W

    VX SS Gearbox Shudder

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone knows - my t56 has started to shudder at low speeds, ie idling around carparks etc when I depress the clutch and disengage gears, or rolling around in neutral. It's a pretty bad shudder. It still drives perfect, finds gears fine etc. Done 140,000kms...
  7. J

    Bad vibration VS UTE

    Hi guys! Driving the vs ute today and occasionally when driving it gets a shocking vibration through the whole car. The best way i can describe it is it sounds exactly like you have driven over the bumpy road markings on the edge of a highway! Only happens occasionally for 2-3 seconds at speeds...
  8. K

    3 bad sounds on my VX, have a listen, what are they?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can confirm what these noises are and what needs doing to remedy/repair? Car is a 2002 VX Series 2 Executive Auto. Cheers. Links changed. chatter.mp3 Happens when accelerating, only really noticeable in first gear. shudder.mp3 Happens when counter steering at...
  9. S

    Please Help

    Cant find cause of several problems, any idea's appreciated. Vx series1, Bad vibration/ shudder on drivers side when braking mostly down hill from 100+k to any from 80-60 km. Replaced all front end bushes, pads and dba rotors. New tires, alignment, balance done. Checked suspension and within...
  10. 9

    vs ute shudder then pop

    vs ute uterusness
  11. B

    Commodore Backfiring and shudder-help

    Hi Everyone Ive got a 2001 VX berlina that has recently been put on gas. It ran fine for a month apart from the engine cut off when going around corners so the mechanic tweaked the mixture and now yesterday whilst driving, not accelerating just casually driving the car backfired, It runs fine...
  12. BakeTheTank

    Steering Shudder at High Speed just after Rotate/Balance

    Hey Guys Had a rotate/balance on my car last week and went for my first long distance drive in a lil while. Once getting up to 100kms there was no real pattern to it, but on and off i would get a shudder like movement just in the wheel, although it didnt really affect the direction of the...
  13. J

    VN Problem

    Hi guys i have a 88 V6 VN Berlina with 250,00K's and i am having some engine difficulty, it takes a while to turn over and when it does it runs really rough and shudders. When i rev the engine it's gets to around 1800RPM and its won't rev any more than that. Also whilst doing this it is as...