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  1. Jen Rabbitt

    Are wagon and sedan skirts interchangeable?

    Hi everyone. I'm doing up my vy acclaim. I'm wondering if skirts from a wagon or even ute would fit my sedan? I dont get the extensions and end caps. Help!
  2. L

    [NSW] For Sale: VY/VZ RHS Clubsport side skirt Brand New FiberGlass

    Location: Central Coast region bout an hour north of sydney Price: $100 O.N.O Condition: New (Un-Used) Description: Aftermarket Fiberglass Right Hand Side (Drivers Side) VY clubsport style Side Skirt Should Fit VZ also. Brand New only needed to replace my passenger side skirt as it...
  3. R

    painting black plastice trim....help

    hi guy i am thinking about painting my side skirts, fornt and rear bumper plastics to match the colour of my car. i own a vx exec. i have seen this done and i want to give it a go. my main concern is the paint cracking and chipping away later down the track. do you rekomend i get it done...