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  1. Z

    VT Berlina Boot Fuse Blown

    Alright guys, I have an issue with my turn signals, the fuse blows every time i indicate left so I'm guessing the wires for my left tail light are earthing out or something. Keep in mind that I have monaro tail lights fitted instead of the stock standard vt's. Thing is, I can't even get to it...
  2. mrc25381

    LED Blinkers

    If you replace all your turn signal globes with LED's, don't you need resistors on each of them due to the lack of amps they pull?
  3. M

    No Reference Signals While Cranking

    alright just towed the car home, thought id check for any error codes and came up with a 46 - No Reference Signals While Cranking - any ideas what this means? Thanks