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  1. A

    Issue with 20x9.5 on rear with SSL King springs

    I recently installed a new set of Simmons on my SV6, the wheels are 20x8.5 in the front and 20x9.5 in the rear with +43 offset, the guards were also rolled and a bit of the rear bar was also cut off. I was test fitting SSL King springs in the rear as I wanted to run them on my car, but I have a...
  2. arronm

    VF Redline F + R brembo with Simmons wheels

    has anyone fitted Simmons FR-C to a VF with front and rear factory brembo I know +43 Front and +48 rear will fit with 20 inch 8.5F and 10R BUT. I would like to increase the offset on the rear to say +50 or greater If you have fitted them how much clearance from the rear caliper to the...
  3. Terminal

    [VIC] GENUINE Simmons B45 16x8 Wheels

    ITEM: GENUINE Simmons B45 16x8 Wheels LOCATION: VIC CONDITION: Used PRICE: eBay Auction (Genuine Simmons B45 16x8 Commodore Stud Pattern 5x120 | eBay) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I would prefer pick-up however I will go the extra mile and post at the buyers expense. Item located in...
  4. low vs

    [QLD] Chasin sum vl walkinshaw wheels or simmons,swap for 16" chasers with cash diff

    Item:mag wheels location:brisbane south condition:used price: Delivery/pick up info: pick up payment options: cash on pick up contact details: pm other info:im chasin sum vl walky wheels or sum 16"simmions,i have sum 16"chasers from a ve commo that have been modifyd to fit...
  5. GetToDaChopa

    Simmons wheels no more?

    Did i just miss something? I went onto Simmons Wheels website and it says that the owner retired and they have stopped manufacturing Simmons wheels. If this is correct, i'd like to say goodbye to some of the best wheels ever manufactured. I was just going to get a quote on some rims but now...?