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  1. Ddridan

    L98 Bottom mount turbo systems?

    Hi, I have been looking around and I have found many twin turbo setups, but not many single turbo setups, and no bottom mounts. The reason I'm asking for info on bottom mounts is that they look way neater than cluttering the engine bay. I'd like any info on good brands to look out for or whether...
  2. C

    Exhaust Bypass on a VZ Ute

    I've got a bit of a dilemma. I've got a VZ S Ute with the stock exhaust system and I'm wanting to put a bypass on it. I want to put on a stock SS system from another ute on it just so I can have a bit of a better note when I'm driving around town etc. then put a bypass on the stock SS system...
  3. AlexR

    Double DIN in single DIN space.

    as the title suggests, I want to fit a Double DIN unit into a single DIN space, I've seen it before on the same model (VR) but my main question is what are the things involved in doing this? Cheers