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  1. Jen Rabbitt

    Are wagon and sedan skirts interchangeable?

    Hi everyone. I'm doing up my vy acclaim. I'm wondering if skirts from a wagon or even ute would fit my sedan? I dont get the extensions and end caps. Help!
  2. D

    eBay: "street-commodores" body kit

    Hi, has anyone ever bought a body kit from this seller?? I was wondering what the quality is like as I have seen some very dodgy aftermarket ones lol. cheers
  3. Thesickness86

    Sv6 side skirts cost

    Does anyone know the cost of a set of sv6 ute skirts. I've had a look all over the net and can't find a price. (for standard ones anyway) Theres a set on eBay but there in another state. Any help would be appreciated
  4. dzach23

    does anyone know how to attach front and rear skirts to stock vx bumpers

    recently purchased some skirts and wondering how the best way to attach them to the factory bumpers.