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  1. damankerrison09

    [SA] RB Exedy 330kw rated button clutch inc. Flywheel suit NSK-7056HHHDB

    ITEM: Exedy Triple heavy duty 330rwkw rated button (puk) clutch inc. 9.5" Flywheel to suit RB30, RB20, RB25 with either RB25, VL Turbo or even N/A Gearbox's. LOCATION: SA Adelaides North CONDITION: New PRICE: $900 ono. Will negotiate for serious buyers DELIVERY/PICK UP...
  2. Wherry951

    RB25DET Wiring Into VS Calais

    Hey guys i'm putting a RB25DET in my VS Calais. Supposedly they bolt onto a VL Crossmember which slots into the VS Engine bay. I dont care if its not the fastest car i just want it uniquevas i have access to a M3 CSI when i want a thrill Im just wondering if any of you could give me any help...

    Skyline R34 GT-T or SS (opens)

    Hey everyone, Just been thinking lately about getting on my opens (a while away but still) and I always had it set in my mind i'd upgrade from my VT V6 and get a VY/VZ SS for the power and sound. All and all I am just plain bored with the power and want my next car to be something to...
  4. V

    [VIC] '89 r31 Nissan Skyline

    '89 r31 Nissan Skyline *PRICE DROP* ITEM: Nissan Skyline LOCATION: VIC, Brunswick (Car is in NSW, Byron Bay for the next month) YEAR: 1989 SERIES: R31 RB30E BADGE: GXE 3.0 ENGINE: 3L 6CYL RB30E TRANSMISSION: 4 speed Auto COLOUR: Champagne EXTERIOR CONDITION: OK, missing...