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  1. J

    Bagged Wagon tubbing

    Hey guys, my VR wagon is bagged at the rear and i want to cut the inner guards out so it can sit on the ground! just wondering if anyone has any tips or pointers to help out.... if i have to weld in some support bars... it has 17" vt ss rims on it now but next week i am throwing 20" ve gts...
  2. G

    1993 Series II VP Calais

    Name: Nathan Age: 17 Model: Series II VP Calais Year: 1993 Price: $3,800 Odometer: 172,000km Colour: Silver Engine: 3.8L Buick V6 Exhaust: 2.5" Custom Bent (Welded From Cat) Gearbox: 4 Speed Auto Rear Suspension: Superlow King Springs (khrl-sssl) Front Suspension: Superlow King...
  3. x 2FACIN8 x

    My VS "Slammed" on 20's :P

    For holden enthusiasts only :)
  4. G

    Glase's S2 VT S Pack

    G'day, i thought i'd start a thread on my current car which as the title states is a S2 VT S Pack. Name: Nathan Age: 17 Model: Series II VT S Pack Year: 1999 Price: $3,700 Odometer: 160,000 Colour: Panther Mica Engine: 3.8L Ecotec V6 Exhaust: 2.5" Lukey Cat Back (Without Resonator)...
  5. 98commyute

    First Car, 98 VS ute, dumped on rims and usual p-plater modz..

    hey everyone, been viewing this forum for a while and just decided to post up my ride. Bought it from the local holden dealer for 7300. Not bad considering they had 11000 on it. Got my P's about a 6 months ago, since fuel is so expensive and only having a part time job and aslo currently in year...
  6. JBoags

    [NSW] 03 VY manual sedan. Slammed with 20s

    ITEM: 03 VY Commodore Sedan LOCATION: Newcastle, N.S.W YEAR: 2003 SERIES: VY Ser 1 BADGE: Executive ENGINE: 3.8 eco tech TRANSMISSION: Standard manual gearbox. car built manual.. not conversion. COLOUR: Quiksilver EXTERIOR CONDITION: Good condition. Regualar paint chips...