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  1. RACE5L

    [NSW] FS: VH SLX sedan, "grandpa spec" $1200ono

    ITEM: This car is in great condition for its age and interior shows this, has more going for it than most. Bought for a sleeper conversion but found my dream SLE ironically 20 minutes after putting a bid on this. Third owner, bought it off a guy who had the same plans 12months previous who had...
  2. enroh

    [LS1] Twin Turbo LS1 Build....before PC37

    Hey Guys, I'm dead keen on building my vx berlina auto into a twin turbo sleeper before powercruise 37. Short time frame I know. Anyway, just keen on getting useful and productive information and advise from anyone that has fitted turbos (single or twin) to their ls. My plans are as it...
  3. Jedwards

    83 VH 202, Yellow. Hopefully Future project.

    Model: 1983 VH SL Commodore Body Interior: All standard. Stereo/Electrics: Pioneer head unit with aux in and 2 180w pioneer 2 ways, 300w fusion amp and some random sub. (Mate sold me wiring, amp, sub for $70, thought it was alright.. Saving for new gear) Engine & Mechanical: Bog...
  4. apoc585

    What do you prefer?

    Ok so im in the process of planning wat to do with my Maloo so i thought id ask around to see wat others liked while i was at it. Basically what do you prefer in general? Standard: Stock/Original with very minimal modifications Updated: Exterior changes without going over the top(like...