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  1. Adds2312

    4l60e auto 2nd gearslip/miss

    Can anyone help me I have an O2 VY sv8 was going on great until it started slipping in second gear and now is starting to jump the gear entirely what could be wrong I've changed 2nd gear servo what else could it be
  2. S

    Transmission Issue maybe?

    Hi guys, my auto vs has been changing gears pretty slowly recently and slipping out of gear in the cold so decided to change my trans fluid and a new filter. All went well except now the problem is worse. It's hard to explain but it feels like when the clutch is pressed in and out in a manual...
  3. J

    Strange Transmission Problems

    Heyho I am a backpacker from Germany and me and my girldfriend, we bought a 2001 Holden Commodore VX stationwagon (about 270k’s). Everything was going quite well, but now the auto-transmission or something related to it is doing some strange things... A couple of days ago I suddenly...
  4. G

    vr 5L transmission slipping, what do i do?

    hey guys, recently my vr is slipping in 1st and 2nd I think, when im in 3rd and give it some throttle and it drops back to 2nd it doesn't grab the gear and just revs. when in 4th and drops back to 3rd it doesn't happen. it is getting worse, any suggestions? whats it going to cost?
  5. W

    Vs commodore auto trans problems...

    Hey all, I recently bought a vs series 2. However I overlooked the condition of the trans fluid, the previous owner told me it had run low so he got a mechanic to top it up. Once I had it for a few weeks I noticed it was brown and smelled burnt, I also noticed that when I checked the level...
  6. W

    VN6 series 1 AUTO transmission dying

    I depend on my old series 1 to get me to jobs. It gets into 3rd, but when I slacken off the throttle (eg downhill) it then behaves almost as if it is neutral. If I slow down and drop into 2nd manually, this keeps me going and I can can then get back to 3rd until the load drops off again...
  7. A

    VE SSV 6sp auto transmisson problem??

    hey guys, having issues with the auto. it started slipping on the way home last night then it got worse, wouldnt even drive? wont select drive or reverse. bought the car few weeks ago everything was fine car has done about 70k. i did notice sometimes flaring when shifting up, then when punching...
  8. V

    Please Help !! : (

    Guys, I have a VX commodore that is dual fuel with gas. Everything has been going fine up until a few days ago. When I drive the car on gas, everything is fine. But when i swap to petrol and am driving in top gear and go to accelerate, the car feels like it's 'slipping gears'. Even when I...
  9. E

    VL auto slipping, need urgent help please

    Hi, well yesterday we swapped autos in my friends vl as it seemed pretty straight forward. We swapped one out of a working car he had in his backyard which had a recently rebuilt auto in it which drove perfectly. His gearbox had been slipping slightly on changes but mainly uphill and with...
  10. D

    auto slipping when cold

    Hi guy's, got a problem with a vs that the auto seems to slip a bit when cold for the first minute or so but after that it is fine and changes smoothly, I have noticed that their are what looks like air bubbles in the trans oil could that have something to do with it? any ideas on what could be...