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  1. slyr23

    VZ SS ute is slower then sedan?

    I have an 05 SS ute 6 speed manual. It's a great car but ive read that they are massively slower then the sedans. Is it true that they put out less KW then the sedans? I understand the diff ratio is different but surely they put out the same 250kw? I never thought of it until my old man said...
  2. B

    VT S2 commodore under powered

    Hi. I have a VT series 2 that feels under powered FULL STORE The car was passed down to me in 2011 from my dad who made a mistake and bought a ford. The car's engine blew in 2010 and my parents really wanted me to have the car so they got keven dennis holden to install a totally new...
  3. D

    Power Steering Issue

    Hey everyone, Have a VR calais and in getting it ready to sell, gave it a service (oil+filter, cleaned the engine down, e.t.c) and put in a new power steering pump. The pump went in fine, no more leaks and mostly a lot easier and smoother turning. But after taking it for a test run when pulling...
  4. A

    vt always in limp mode.

    hey guys just wondering if someone could help me with this everlasting problem of mine. My vt just wont go! I took it to get a dyno reading just for my own knowledge and curiousity and it made a scary 103rwhp. My mechanic found out that some incompitant knobgina, so and so who owned it before me...