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  1. scaredyet

    Still Life Left In The Old Girl

    Happy New Year To Everyone. I'm currently on holidays on the Goldcoast and got here a week ago. I wanted to drive with the old girl for one last long trip from Sydney for the Christmas break. The car (2005 VZ Wagon) had a few issues to sort out before I could take it on a long trip but only...
  2. J

    Radiator issue VT executive s2

    So. I have a coolant leak somewhere in the system, the car goes through coolant fairly quick, all hoses have been replaced and radiator replaced a few years back, the car has 370,000 km on it Underneath my radiator cap there is a sort of blue and black coloured sludge that accumulates, (there’s...
  3. L

    My Sludge Adventure

    I have 2008 Omega which has been making all sorts of awful noises when starting from cold. I have done quite a lot of reading in here and decided that there was a good chance that there was sludge in the engine. I decided to pop the rocker covers off and have a look, and also drop the sump and...
  4. R

    VZ Intermittent diesel sound

    Hi, New to the forum. Been lurking the past few weeks. Couldn't really find an answer to my specific problem. So here I go... So I pickup this commodore cheap. Had an over heating problem, was a cracked radiator, easy fix. During that time got an oil warning light decided to change oil, noticed...
  5. Bronson3

    VT Commodore - Brown Sludge, in overflow tank reservoir.

    I've got this brown sludge in the bottom of my coolant overflow tank where the dipstick is, since I've owned the car. I flushed the radiator and refilled it, but it's still there and really bothers me... I've heard that it can be from mixing coolants and seeing as I didn't flush the heater...
  6. J

    How to flush a radiator On vtii

    Howdy all. Just had a look under my radiator cap, and it's all brown sludge, stuck my finger in the radiator, even more brown sludge. So, I figure it's time to flush it and clean the bugger out. Only problem, I don't really know how? Sorry if this has been posted before, I couldn't...
  7. P

    Brown sludge in coolant reservoir + coolant level dropping

    I am having to fill my coolant tank every two weeks and there is a brown sludge at the bottom of the reservoir. But I am not seeing any other major problems: i) The engine never over heats. ii) No smoke or steam from under the hood. iii) No bad sounds from the engine. What is the first...