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  1. T

    Knocking and Rpm needle bouncing issues

    Hi all I have a vy 2003 Ecotec,v6 auto with 240000 on the clock. Just wanting some assistance.. iv come across an irregular clunking/knocking rattle noise from the engine bay but only when accelerating, when the rpms are at around 1200-3000 rpms and causes the car to shudder/surge and lose a...
  2. TRAV84

    2001 VXII Commodore driving sluggish & revs too high after mechanical work

    The car in question: 2001 VXII V6 Lumina at 190,000km Ok, so after spending almost $2000 getting all the problems fixed on my car, I have a new major one. Firstly, it's had a general service, new tyres, new brakes, tie rod ends, centre bearing, rack boots, bushes, suspension repairs, etc etc...
  3. B

    VT S2 commodore under powered

    Hi. I have a VT series 2 that feels under powered FULL STORE The car was passed down to me in 2011 from my dad who made a mistake and bought a ford. The car's engine blew in 2010 and my parents really wanted me to have the car so they got keven dennis holden to install a totally new...
  4. blindworld1

    Acceleration speed

    can someone please tell me what the acceleration speed of a 95 model Vs Berlina should be doing.. I am currently doing 0-100km in 8.7 seconds and it seems very sluggish. Thanks.