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  1. RACE5L

    [NSW] FS: VH SLX sedan, "grandpa spec" $1200ono

    ITEM: This car is in great condition for its age and interior shows this, has more going for it than most. Bought for a sleeper conversion but found my dream SLE ironically 20 minutes after putting a bid on this. Third owner, bought it off a guy who had the same plans 12months previous who had...
  2. T

    Question about my Astra SLX '88

    Hey guys & girls, I've recently been driving my Astra, but I want more out of it. I've heard that they are exactly the same as a Nissan N13 Pulsar hatchback, and I've seen some pretty cool **** done with them. Things like putting a CA18DET in it, it is crazy. However, I'm curious as to...
  3. shiftySLE

    [VIC] VH SLX-Must Go ASAP

    ITEM: VH SLX LOCATION: Vic-Melbourne YEAR: 1981 SERIES: Example: VH BADGE: SLX ENGINE: 6 cyl 202 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: VGC - has one patch of no clear on roof and another on bonnet and dented Front LHS guard - nothing major INTERIOR...