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    In car smell

    So my 2014 VF SS ute has this odd smell inside which only comes around the next day after running my aircon. Its almost like a vinegary chemical smell but also smells like damp mould or urine. Car is always garaged and hardly driven so theres no cats to piss on the vents. When the aircon has...
  2. DEiiTY

    VX II 3.8L Ecotec LPG Overhaul (Backfire/Air Box/Smell)

    Before I start, I will admit I am a complete noob and have next to no idea what I am doing. That being said, I do have an electrical engineering degree and I've toyed around with car electronics before, so I do have a capacity to learn, but there are so so many people talking trash and saying...
  3. B

    Foggy Windows, Smelly Vents, Holden are no help

    Hi Y'all, So I've had an on going issue where the vents in my car smell like bacteria and mould. I have found that the windows fog up very quickly when AC isn't running.. I have an MY10 Holden Calais V Holden have: - Checked for leaks - Checked plenum under windscreen and is clean and...
  4. C

    Strong fuel smell in my VP

    Hey Guys, I'm new to holdens in general but i just got a Vp commy exec series 2 and for some reason everytime i turn it on and drive it the inside of the car starts smelling really badly like fuel. I have no idea what it could be but i really want to find out to get it fixed or fix it myself...
  5. L

    French new owner in trouble

    Hi i'm Vincent, pretty new on the forum even if i follow it since a while. I'm French, traveling around australia and i bought a commodore some months ago. I'm a bit worried because i don't know australian cars & laws... I've got a VS Executive V6 3.8 auto with an exhaust system, big...

    Coolant on the engine

    Hey guys, Had the heatertemp and pipe go on me and got it fixed today. All fixed but there is coolant on the engine (i removed the engine cover when i got the car). Was just wondering if this is going to dmaage or effect the engine at all or while it just all go away at some point? thanks...