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  1. P

    Can the software on a VF Infotainment system be upgraded say with Apple Car?

    I have a VF Evoke 2014 model. The infotainment system isn't bad but already other makes are coming out with Apple Car and Android systems and some are upgradable as new updates come out just like your phone. I wondered if anyone knew if this unit can be updated? Cheers. Love my Holden.
  2. E

    VE Battery Drain Requires Centre Console Replacement?

    Hello, I have a 2007 VE Berlina that came with a factory standard 10 stacker cd player by Blaupunkt built into the centre console. Over the last couple of weeks my battery has been going flat and the RACV told me there is a 2-3 amp drain on the battery with the car switched off (they aim for...
  3. T

    [VIC] Wanted to Buy VCM Suite with GM credits for commodore VE

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: A full licensed copy of VCM Suite Pro with 4 or more credits, complete with the dongle, cables and disk. Looking to pay $100 per credit plus freight. LOCATION: Longwarry Victoria (eastern outskirts of Melbourne). CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK...
  4. decco

    VE ECU software - where to source?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to 'fix' a potential timing chain issue on an '06 VE Berlina. It is resulting in the Check Engine Light coming on and staying on. Two possible solutions I have found thus far, aside from replacing the belts themselves (v. costly) are: 1. disconnect battery to reset...
  5. T

    Tech 2 software update

    g day, Just wondering if anyone knows where you can get a software update for the Tech2... Any help would be grate... cheers
  6. N

    VZ Calais Firmware Version

    Hey All, Anyone with a VZ Calais, can you please check your firmware version and let me know what you have? I just want to check and see whether mine has been updated, as I took it to my local Holden Dealer to get done, and it came out with the same version I sent it in with. They are known...