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sound system

  1. Jp171991

    2005 vz crewman sound system, tub or cab, sub and amp

    Not sure if a thread has been done, Thinking about doing a sound sytem, but I don't wanna lose the back seats as I need them.. Would prefer to do sub and amp in the cab if I can, Or should just bite the bullet and stick them in the tray.. Pics if possible Thanks in advance
  2. L

    Sv6 sportswagon 2012

    hey guys im new to this so i hope im in the right place if im not excuse me please redirect me though.. i have a sportswagon and i want to upgrade my sound system its not like a normal car where you can buy a headdeck and install it in because the model 2012 sportswagon has the big as deck...
  3. barra218

    VZ Ute Sound System Build

    Hi all. Its been a while since I've done anything on this site! (Had my ute for well over 2 years and haven't even done a thread for it yet!) But anyway here goes something! Ok! So I decided to write up a build of the sound system I'm doing in my vz sv6 ute at the moment! It will be replacing...
  4. U

    ve fascia kit and display screen

    hi guys. i have replaced my stock ve omega head unit with the ve fascia kit and a pioneer double din head unit. my question is, what can i do with the old display that used to be on top of the stock head unit? it is disabled atm and i was wondering if i could take it out and put a gps or an...
  5. A

    Need help with my vy calais

    hey can anyone help me ????? im trying to connect an amp into my holden vy calais?? please help :) is there any way of connecting a new amp in the boot using the stock amp wires ? thanks Antony
  6. Drumo

    Want to upgrade VE sound system - but will it whine?

    Hi all. I know there's a ton of threads out there about alternator whine in amped systems, but I wanted some more direct information. Got a VE SV6 (MY09 so no iQ) - Has anyone figured out why the bloody things whine when systems with amps are involved? And can anyone recommend an installer in...
  7. JT Ute

    [NSW] VU-VY-VZ Ute Custom Fiberglass Sub Box - For twin 12"s

    ITEM: Custom in tray, fiberglass and MDF sub box LOCATION: Sydney CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make an offer PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: The box is a bandpass enclosure, so it has a sealed box at the rear of the subs and ported...
  8. J

    VY Full Sound system advice

    Hey guys, im saving up for my VY-S i want to get when i get my P's and i want to buy my sound system now.... i have no clue about the tiny details of all this stuff but basically i want a 12" sub and amp that will be mounted in the cabin.... i want a sub that will shake the car when i want it...
  9. D

    VE Sedan Focal System - Advice Please

    I just got a quote for a focal system for my 2009 ve sedan. Could anyone please tell me if they think this is a good deal or if I should change something. Everything is focal: Front: 165A1 $ 265.00 Rear: 165CA1 $ 160.00 Amp: SOLID4 $ 350.00 Amp: SOLID1 $ 350.00 Sub x 2: 30A1 $200...
  10. DAVIDC

    Best Audio system for a VT sedan?

    So basically I'm looking at upgrading my sound system, considering the car is a calais it came out with a very decent sound system (still all standard) and I don't mind it, gets me around for the time being, I do have a Alpine head unit that is in my Falcon wagon (soon to be wrecked) that has...
  11. V

    03 VY Berlina

    Hey guys, i've recently bought my first car after working for a year and the 03 VY Berlina was my choice. So far the car is all stock and the only thing i've done is take the mud flaps off and get a gas tank fitted. I have pretty much no idea about mechanics but would love to know how to work...
  12. D

    Sound System

    Any 1 actually spent some money on a decent system on there commo. im looking at beefing mine up a lot soon and just wanted to kno what every1 else has done or is thinking of doing
  13. DmanVT

    Pictures of boot boot installs/ sound systems post here

    I would like to get a thread of just boot installs for sound systems or whatever people have hiding in their boots. and any comments on mine would be appreciated :P haha Thanks all :D Before: After:
  14. DmanVT

    DMANS Morpheus Purple Series II VT Sedan

    Please take note that the first images are the latest images and the images/ posts after are the progress as the car build went along This is my first car and so i have just gradually been working on bits and pieces and am very happy with it :) Name: Darcy Age: 20 Location: Near Ballarat in...
  15. H

    sub and amp package

    hey i have a VZ SV6 and i have a alpine headunit, im looking for a decent sub and amp package for between 200 - 400 dollars any suggestions?
  16. iaydemir

    [VIC] VY Berlina for sale!

    ITEM: 2002 sII VY Berlina LOCATION: Victoria, Northern Suburbs YEAR: 2002 (October) SERIES: VYII BADGE: Berlina ENGINE: 3.8L Ecotec V6 TRANSMISSION: Stage 2 Shift kitted auto COLOUR: Martini Green EXTERIOR CONDITION: Very good INTERIOR CONDITION: Very good TYRE CONDITION: 85% tread all...
  17. S

    *Cadence 600 Watt Sub & Amp Combo* What Do You Think???????

    Hi everyone, What do you guys think about this package? For 268 bucks I can get a Cadence 600 Watt Sub and a 600 Watt Amp. What do you guys think for a first sound system? Link to the sound system ----- Cadence 600 Watt Sub & Amp Combo - Subwoofers - JB Hi-Fi Feedback would be greatly...
  18. stooie

    sound system

    Hey guys ive been looking at getting some speakers since i got a job. i have been keeping my eye on some alpine gear.... it would be greatif anyine had any ideas. i have a 03 vy
  19. T

    Pioneer Component Sound-Off

    I just got my first Vs Ute today (so pumped) and need some help with a Sound System. As I won't be running a sub atm i'm looking at getting some really dynamic component speakers on a budget (amped of-course). After doing some research I've narrowed it down to 2 pioneers: Pioneer TS-A1072...
  20. S

    [WA] Sound Sytem Installer Wanted for VY

    I am looking for an Auto Sparkie or someone who can install sound systems blindfolded. I have an Amp, Sub (already in box), side speakers (front and back), head unit. I currently live in Kalgoorlie and the cheapest I can get here is $360, that includes the frame for the head unit. I am moving...
  21. J

    VZ SV6 Advice

    Hey guys, Just bought a Impulse Blue SV6 ('05) 2 weeks ago and looking to do some mods. Its my first car so have limited experience in DIY mods however for the speakers have got a mate who can help me out. First of all - CAI: I've heard the K&N air filter and the 2 hole mod works well...
  22. L

    VE Commodore Omega Upgrades

    Hello, I've just bought a VE commodore Omega 2006. (My first ever car purchased....the last one was a 1994 EF falcon for my 21st 5 years ago lol). Anyway... I want to do things to this car.....However I have a 3 year manufactures warranty on the car and i dont want to void it (unless the...
  23. H

    VT sound system suggestions

    hey. im looking for a sound system that will fit into the original space in a VT berlina. It can be a screen one if necessary, i just want it to fit fully in the origianl cd player/radio spot. Any suggestions or pics of how you have done yours. Thanks bec
  24. M

    Full VE SV6 New Sound System

    Hey guys, so I just had 2 amps, a sub, a pair of splits and rears installed into my VE SV6. It sounds awesome, only problem is I dont like how much bass is coming through the speakers, i prefer it to come all out of the sub and no speaker bass, I know there is only the bass setting in the VE...