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  1. Dechlan Tutty

    ['04 VZ SV6] Rattle Noise(s) When Stationary Revving

    Hi everyone, I heard a rattle when pulling away from a light with the windows down today, and tried to replicate it when I parked (which I was able to). It sounds like an exhaust/metal-on-metal rattle when revving, but only occurs when on the throttle. After letting off, the sound goes away...
  2. Dj1crook

    Aftermarket headers/extractors vr commodore

    ok so I've heard that from factory the VRs came with headers as stock. Would changing them to aftermarket ones do much to the sound and fuel economy or would it just be pouring money down the drain. All i want to do is have it sounding nice by also slapping on a hi flow cat and improve fuel...
  3. B

    VE Calais. Most speakers cut out after turned on.

    I have a Calais Series 1 (Ver 4 Head unit). When the I start the car the radio comes on and everything works fine for a few seconds and then all the speakers, except the Front Center and Front Passenger side, cut out. The volume is not load and the sound from those speakers is what I would...
  4. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Ignition/Startup issue

    Hey guys, Issue 1: So I've got a bit of a weird one, roughly 5 days ago I noticed when I started my car at the end of the day (commuting back home) my car's RPM sorta fluttered and "lost power" so to speak as I pulled from the curb to drive away (it so far hasn't occurred when driving on the...
  5. VFSSBlackLS3

    VF LS3 tick under car

    Hi I realise that people have probably brought up issues like this in the past but now that the vehicles have been out for a couple of years I thought it might be better if I just made a new post... Basically when I get underneath my car I can hear a tick sound that sounds very similar to an...
  6. ReaperTBS

    VE Calais V - Custom Exhaust Setup

    Hi! Anybody got any ideas on what kind of exhaust setup I should go with for the Calais? I love the sound it makes already, but i'd really just like a bit more volume, the thing's almost too quiet as it stands :P All stock currently, not even entirely sure of the engine model, but it's the...
  7. ReaperTBS

    2010 Calais - Head Unit

    Hi all, I've checked the manual, checked online, and checked in person, but still can't seem to determine exactly what model my head unit is in my 2010 Calais. I think it's the series 1 "IQ" head unit, but i'm honestly not sure. I'm considering changing head units, primarily because (due to...
  8. Ta Moo


    Hey guy, wanna know, if you guy know, will Flowmaster super 10 be loud in commodore vy s 2003 auto with stock exhaust. With or without cat.
  9. A

    Car Install Problems... Help...

    Hey guys, I have just had my car system installed (4 door speakers, amp and sub) in my LPG VE commodore but now there seems to be a few problems. They told me about the first problem when I rocked up that being as they said the car makes 5 horn noises when locked. After further investigation I...
  10. M

    VY Acclaim sound system

    G'day guys and gals. I am brand new to owning a commodore and wanted a quick guide on the sound system! Right now it's a Sony double din screen (for my reversing camera) and the twin front speakers working. And from what I can see it has 4 x door speakers, 2 in front and 2 in back, and 2 x...
  11. Z

    Sub and Amp setup

    Hello I recently impulse bought a Subwoofer and amplifier to go in my car. I literally no nothing about car audio so please be kind but I wanted to know how well or how bad my subwoofer will run off of the Amplifier I bought The Amplifier I bought is Alpine Mono Power MRX-M55 Alpine...
  12. J

    Vt Catback exhaust.

    So I have around 300 to spend on a cat back exhaust My Christmas present Thank you mum .. Iv looked around on ebay and currently just have a stock exhaust on. Shes a v6 so she only has the one cat on it and I cant really afford high flow twin cats and a new set of headers I'm looking...
  13. A


    Hi guys, I've got a 99 VT 3.8L Commodore and have only put a twin cutback exhaust on it. I was wondering what else can be done to the car, except for putting on extractors to make it sound louder? Cheers guys,
  14. M

    Question about sv6 exhaust

    I have a 2007 sv6 manual Sedan with the stock exhaust, and I'm looking at changing it. I really love the sound of the standard series 2 thunder utes and was wondering if I can make my sedan sound like that? Like will a thunder exhaust fit my sedan?
  15. Hellz03

    want more bass and better way to tune my stereo

    Hi I have a vx series 2 Pioneer 1 din DVD stereo running a fusion sub 1200 and pioneeer monoblock amp I want to get more bass also what's the best way to tune my stereo my system has a few settings I have no idea what they are lol But is there a certain setting or settings I need to change...
  16. P

    vs ute audio system help

    i need help fitting a 12 inch sub behind my seat of my ute does anyone know a template or measurements. sorry I'm just getting started on here and I'm a bit of a noob :hmmm:
  17. W

    best sounding rear mufflers for v6.

    I know everyone will say look in the exhaust thread but i just want know what everyone thinks is the best sounding rear mufflers as im getting a exhaust made up and just need to choose what mufflers to put on the back im choosing between x-force which im not to keen on, manta, diflipo and...
  18. Jaz11

    Exhaust Note and Cold Air Intake

    Hi all, Wanting some friendly advice, My car is a 2010 SV6 SIDI Ute and has a 2.5" Full exhaust with extractors and 4" tips and while it has a nice note when "giving it some" i was wondering if you have any tips to improve this even more and maybe give it a louder idle sound as when im parked it...
  19. I

    2012 VE SV6 Z Series

    Hey guys, Just thought i'd post incase anyone has any question! Im getting a new sound system done soon! @ Performance Car audio in bayswater, Melbourne! The set up will be as follows: Remove front middle dash Speaker (distorts like a crazy grandma) Front speakers - Alpine SPR 60C...
  20. TheDmac

    Weird 'whistle' type sound when the car is cold

    I have a 1999 VT Acclaim Series II. Recently the car has been making weird 'whistle' sounds when I first start it in the mornings. It seems to only happen when the car is cold. I recorded the sound this morning whilst I was cleaning frost off the windows. VT by dfapskpro on SoundCloud - Hear...
  21. natesVZ

    Wanting more noise from V6 VZ AUTO. (05)

    sup. currently on red P. (VIC) wanting more noise out of my exhaust and all to give it a pleasing note. you guys get me... just wondering what systems you guys recommend and may have got experience with. :) Looking for food for thought. Links and stuff would go nicely with...
  22. Brad SSV

    Extractors to Tips

    Okay so I want my SSV to sound nasty. I want a full stainless steel setup is there mch difference between 3" and 2 1/2". And what brands should I look at and what kind of prices would I e looking at if I install myself?
  23. H

    VN Wagon Speaker Size

    Hey, I'm just completing my sound system now, got the subs, amp, wiring kit etc... just up to buying some speakers, Now i know the front dash speakers in a vn wagon are 4" i believe, Anyone know what the rear speaker size is? I cant be bothered taking the carpet off the sides just to measure it...
  24. B

    04 Monaro Sound equipment swap

    Ok so its not exactly commodore related, but for the last 5 years i have owned a 98 VT commodore S and have been a member for quite some time. I recently upgraded to an 04 Monaro Gen II and im looking to put most or all the sound equipment from my VT into the Monaro before i sell it off. What...
  25. J

    VS v61996 commodore series 2 exhaust upgrade, want to make it 'growl'

    With today's economical ways, i want to spend the least amount of money but still have a good exhaust system, what part should i change or alter of the exhaust just to increase the sound to a lower grumble or growl, not prepared to put a 'cannon' on the back of a commodore as that can look...
  26. J

    10" subwoofer

    Now before i start.... i know there is probably 1million threads on this but i cant find what i want so im starting a new one.... i want to know if a slimline 12" or a full size 10" would be deeper.... but still keeping SQ (if possible) if anyone has herd some awesome 10s please tell me...
  27. J

    SUBS: 1x 12" or 2x 10"

    which would be louder and deeper and harder? 1x12" sub or 2x 10" subs? later on i will double whatever i get....
  28. J

    Slimline Subs

    hey guys just wondering for a VY commodore ute what slimline will be LOUD and bassy when i want it to be, yet blend well when i don't want it pounding. I've got a sealed enclosure for behind my seat which will fit any slimline sub, its 0.96 cu,ft.... and max mounting depth of about 5-5/12 inches...
  29. J

    can VY Utes fit full size 12" Sub behind the seat?

    (NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED ON THIS GUYS PICTURE, IT JUST SHOWS WELL) ive been told that the VY utes can fit a full size 12" sub behind the seat? is this true?
  30. M

    Headunits.. need help

    Im looking at buying a headunit to kickstart my System.. im struggling to find a headunit that has the things i need though.. i need a headunit that has a way of connecting my ipod from the rear of the headunit so i can hide the cable in my glovebox (im big on neatness) umm yer any help ideas...
  31. T

    Lumpy sound VS Stato

    Howdy Peoples, I have an interesting problem. I have a VS Statesman and the most recent of problems to rear its ugly head is an awful lumpy sound from the front left wheel. I first thought a flat spot on a tire so changed all four, I thought maybe a wheel bearing so I changed that. I...
  32. Scheme

    CAI 3.8 V6 Question

    Currently running the stock airbox, and looking to get this: eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d I had the rear muffler removed and replaced with straight pipe, so its running straight pipe from the centre muffler back, which has made it sound a lot gruntier than...
  33. N

    Sound System Suggestions for VE SV6 MY12 Commodore?

    hey guys, i heard the bose system in a porsche and it had a great amount of bass and crisp sound. is there a sound system i can get like it (without a subwoofer)?? will spend a reasonable amount of money. any suggestions?????
  34. Scheme

    Defect for exhaust?

    Just been reading over various posts and threads/topics, and I've began to wonder (after the exact same thing being said about VN's in completely different topics) whether what I plan to do the the VN with my Tax money will get me a defect or not. The plan is to get a put on a CAI, a K&N High...
  35. C

    Sound System in VE SV6 Ute.

    Hi Guys I have a 2010 Sv6 ute. A sound system has been put in consisting of: Stock head unit Alpine Type R 6.5" components Alpine MRP-F600 Amp Pioneer premier slim sub 12" This gear used to be in my VZ ute and I needed the slim sub but since the VE has more space I no longer do. What...
  36. S

    Slight knocking noise when idling in drive?????

    After a recent long trip ive now noticed a there is a knocking or tapping noise when im idling in drive (at stop lights or stopping) if i put it in to neutral it seems to go away. Ive taken the drive belt off and it still does it and also the engine cover. Any one know what this could be?
  37. nalchlan

    loud engine knocking

    hey guys my engine has started to make a fairly loud knocking noise, it happened right after a little powerskid (private property ofcourse) and after a lot of searching im still stumped it happens from 2000-2500 rpm and i can hear it continue well into high 3000rpm and after that i cant hear...
  38. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] Ecotec V6 gilmer belt?

    Hey Guys, I have a V6 Ecotec VT and i want that whining sound from a gilmer belt. I have seen some videos of 5L engines and read some old threads saying that the belts don't exist or cost alot of money to custom make? Wondering if anyone know how much it would cost to make or if someone...
  39. tHe_sTiG

    Bad sound quality, how to improve please?

    Hello there mates, I decided to replace the 2 front speakers in my VZ with aftermarket ones, after the stock on the passenger side blew. I've heard here on the forum that the stock headunit produces 17 watts, however my new speakers have an RMS of 30 and a peak of 210 watts. The sound from...
  40. H

    Exhaust sound

    hey guys, i have a 1990 vn commodore and i get my p's in 8 weeks and want it to sound like a v8 or at least loud and deep by the time i get my p's, but dont have heaps to spend. whats the easiest way of going about this? mates have told me to get a cannon but i dont think they suit commodores...