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  1. SlowwVy

    Need Advice on what Mods to go with Ecotec V6

    Currently seeking to push a little more power out of my V6 Eco-tec, talked to some people and read many forums and ive came to a conclusion on my parts as I dont want to go over 2K have a twin full exhaust on at the moment. 25mm manifold insulator - $220 12mm plenum spacer - 150 1.9:1 ratio...
  2. D

    Worth fixing bent frame?

    Hi everyone, recently had an accident with my vy spac which wrecked the front end of the car ( bent chassis rail, bent k frame) is it worth trying to fix? The cars got emotional value and I’ve spent a lot of coin on suspension and wheels. can’t find a decent Spac for sale that’s hasn’t been...
  3. B

    Can't seem to find any info on t/c globes

    Pulled out of a manual VY spac 2003, does anyone know info on these globes? Thanks in advance
  4. Adrian's Vr

    What bumper is this?

    Does anyone know what this bumper is off and is anyone selling one around Melbourne area
  5. J

    Chaning boot lids

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has changed boot key barrel before, if so how much work is envolved!? I want to change my boot with a spac one to have the little lip spolier.
  6. UteBeautVR

    How do you identify if your VR is an S Pac

    Hey fellas, new to the forum.. I'm in need of help identifying if my VR ute is a S pac or not. I've found very little information online about the VR so any help would be appreciated, and if you know a good link or forum page I should check out, throw it in the comments. Here's some pictures of...
  7. S

    VT S Manual - Clutch issue, need a solid answer!

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. So last night I got abit angry and started caning my VT S manual which I just bought about a week ago, the car is in my name and had a rwc done too. Let me start off by saying the clutch before this issue happened, the friction point was 2 inches in when you put...
  8. VY1996


    Alright so recently ive purchased a 2003 VY s supercharged, long story short engines stuffed and im just looking to swap an ECOTEC v6 into it as my main concern is to save as much money as possible. High tech parts has an wrecked VY with a normal v6 ecotec they mention however that few things...
  9. C

    Problem with vy foglight relay

    Hey guys, was trying to get fog lights to work and realised no relay:hmmm:, so went and bought one, only to realise the inside of where it is supposed to sit is missing i.e. where the prongs insert into crimped copper bits, any wisdom will be great, cheers
  10. xxBRENTxx

    Brents Hothouse VY

    Hey Guys, been on the site for a while now so thought i might as well make a thread. I am 18 and this is my first car; 2003 VY S in Hothouse green Mods: - Extractors and exhaust system. - SS Headlights - SS tail lights - 19" VE SSV Thunder wheels - Lowered on SL King Springs and Monroe Shocks...
  11. T

    1999 VT Series II S-Pac Blue Mica

    Hi guys, Im new to this. Ive got a VT SII SPAC. Its blue mica. Ive just done the basic mods for now. Full sound system. -JVC Double Din -Front Sony Xplod w/tweeter -Read Sony Xplod 6.5 -Sony Comp Sub 1300w 12" -Audioline 2Channel 500w(temporary) Redback Catback 2.5" with twin 3"...
  12. S

    Vs ute performance ideas

    Anyone have any performance idea for a vs series 2 s pac v8??? 5 speed manual. Was thinking about putting a hsv chip in it but not sure where to get them from. Live in perth so if anyone has any ideas give me a shout
  13. A

    VY Spac Supercharged L67 Hothouseg.

    ***VY Spac Supercharged L67 Hothousegreen NEW PICS Picked up the new ride stock for the moment. Goes a bit better than my old na vy acclaim. on my Ps so dont hate for not gettin an 8 :P open to suggestions/opinions. cheers *SS lights are DIY conversions