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  1. T

    Retro fit folding back seat, Omega?

    Hi, First time poster here. Just wondering if anyone has done this before or if it's possible but I'd really like the back seat of my 06 Omega to fold down, not just the middle. I need the space! Does anyone know if it's possible to get a back seat that has a bigger folding split, or if it's...

    New Headunit - Ideas for space under head unit

    Hi all, going to be putting my new headunit in the VT soon and as many threads have said 'there is alot of space underneath it'. I was wondering what ideas people have of what to do with the space? few i have - Leave open and put things in - cover with a piece of plastic the same as the...
  3. VesperZ

    Switching from Alpine Type R Subwoofer box to a custom fiberglass box

    Just an overview of my current setup, I have 2 x SWR-1242D subwoofers which came with their factory designed ported box shown below: I am looking to change them into a custom fiberglass sealed box such as this one: I realize I may get questions like why would you bother and so forth...