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  1. holdencallous

    Manifold Spacer: is it worth it?

    Hey guys, I just recently installed a 25MM Manifold spacer on my VX in hopes that I would get a bit more down low, to be able to have it breathe better and to get better fuel economy. This is my experience. Putting it on, a breeze, you could be blind deaf and have no hands and still be able to...
  2. M

    12mm vs 25 mm manifold insulators for LFX

    Hey all. Looking to grab some manifold insulators for my 2013 lfx. Not sure to get 12mm or 25mm. Would there much of a difference? Please help
  3. T

    VZ Head Deck Replacement

    I just invested in a new car, a 2004 VZ Berlina. I wanna change the head deck, and I found a suitable JVC double din head deck. I heard from a friend that a spacer may be needed to fit even a double din deck. Hence, I searched here and have found no mention of needing a spacer. Is this...