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spare wheel

  1. M

    Spare Tyre Difference

    As I went outside for a cigarette I noticed the front passenger tyre on the VT Wagon was flat. However the tyres on the car are 215/60R15 and the spare is 205/65R15. So I was wounding if it's okay to place a different size tyre to the others on the car, I drive a lot during the day for work so...
  2. C

    Vs wagon, spare wheel placement??

    So I have a vs wagon, I recently got LPG installed and its the 'donut' tank, it's placed where the spare wheel originally goes, now the spare wheel will have to sit in the r/h side of the cargo area but I was curious if it can be placed underneath the car somehow ? It would be allot more...
  3. MovieDude

    Alloy for VE SS

    Looking at the Holden web site the option for a full size spare alloy wheel and tyre is $350. Is this a price that is available when purchased after-market?