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  1. barra218

    [QLD] wtb vt dash parts

    DESCRIPTION: WTB ITEM: VT Dash Fascia top and bottom, the plastic surround for the auto gear shifter, the little pocket with the spring door below the cd player and the plastic behind the center console around the rear aircon vents LOCATION: QLD Ingham CONDITION: Good enough to get painted...
  2. blindworld1

    Behind spare tyre -- need help

    In my 1995 Berlina VS behind the spare tyre there are 2 black vents or something and there shakin wen i use my subs and it makes em sound baaaadddd Can anyone tell me what they are and if its safe to take em out thanx in advance Cyaa http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=izmj5d&s=5