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spark plug leads

  1. S

    L67 hesitate

    Hi all I own a 03 wk statesman, It’s been idling rough between 0 and 1000 revs and hesitates a lot when traveling at a 100kms and trying to push the accererator between 1000 and 2000 revs, the car also throws Check engine warning light when idling for 5 mins then goes away if I start driving...
  2. J

    Spark plug heat shield

    Just purchased new spark plugs (ngk) and new leads(eagle) and i was wondering if I need to buy heat shields for the leads or they don't need them? Thanks
  3. V

    VS Commodore Miss firing Spark/Leads

    Hi all im new to the page and owning a commy, I have a 97 Vs i recently noticed a miss when driving under load, I changed the Leads yesterday and it didnt change ...im about to change the spark plugs today, Has anyone got any more insight into what may be causing the problem?
  4. A

    vl leads

    hey just got a quick question. i did a bit of work on my vl yesterday, just a few things that involved replacing the rocker cover and putting alloy intake pipes on. all went well except when it came to reconnecting the spark leads i mixed the back 3 cylinders up... and cant seem to find anywhere...