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  1. S

    Speaker troubles

    I installed an android headunit a while back, which worked fine until a few months ago, when the speakers would randomly drop out. Sometimes all at once, sometimes a few, or even one. Sometimes they chase each other round the car... so super annoying. I have since installed an alpine booster...
  2. S

    First commodore ! Vn executive

    Hey all ! Just got my first commy, Clean as hell one owner since new always serviced vn executive, so only dash speakers, Im a fan of a good sound system, but the interior is in perfect condition, so dont want to mess it up, ill put boxed speakers ontop of parcel shelf so not to damage it, but...
  3. V

    Blaukpunkt 6cd stacker with touchscreen Ve series 1

    Hey guys, wanting to know on peoples thoughts on the hsv/Calais touchscreen blaukpunkt units. like good and bad points and any recommendations. I don't want the iq unit as I don't want to spend 3grand on one. I am wanting to upgrade my stock omega radio with one of these touchscreen units for...
  4. B

    Really need help to choose audio system.

    I'm looking to add two front 6" speakers and a sub woofer. I wish to connect the speakers to the amplifier along with the sub woofer. The amplifier will be put in the boot so size isn't a massive issue. There are two 6" speakers at the rear of the car which I am unsure as to whether or not i...
  5. J

    Beeping noise coming from speakers when engine is on.

    I've got my speakers hooked up to my amp and when i start the engine i get a beeping noise coming from the rears. It stops if i unplug an rca cable. Yhinking it might be an rca issue, but hey, i'm not certain. hence my post on here. If someone could assist me in finding the problem would be...
  6. J

    6x9's playing up.

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone might know the resolution to the issue i am currently having. I have a pioneer av reciever head deck, type r splits in the front and type r 6x9's, i have a 640 watt soundstream amp and dual fusion active wedge performance series subwoofers. The...
  7. Burger43

    how to install front speakers in a VS Calais Series II

    hello everyone i have just finished installing my sub and my rear parcel shelf speakers, but i didn't quite know how to change my front speakers in the doors and the dash, if anybody could help me it would be much appreciated!!!!
  8. N

    Sound System Suggestions for VE SV6 MY12 Commodore?

    hey guys, i heard the bose system in a porsche and it had a great amount of bass and crisp sound. is there a sound system i can get like it (without a subwoofer)?? will spend a reasonable amount of money. any suggestions?????
  9. J

    Front speakers failing

    Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone knows how to run new speaker wire from the head unit to the front door speakers as mine keep cutting in and out every tile I open and close my doors. Any help would e very much appreciated :)
  10. M

    Vs commodore System's

    Hey guys, i'd love to see your systems if you got a vs, even if you don't. lots of pics please:spot on:
  11. V

    Sound System Help

    Hey guys, I have a vx commodore that I am trying to upgrade. The set up i am trying to do is use is a 4 channel amp for the two front door speakers and the two 6x9's in the parcel shelf. And then a 2 channel amp for the sub i have in the boot. I grounded both amps onto the child seat...
  12. L

    VE ute stereo install and pictures please.

    hi there.. not sure if this has been covered anywhere but i haven't found it.. a thread just for ve ute installs, ideas, discussion and pics. im starting this because i have ordered a ve ss ute at the end of january and ill be installing a stereo into it. and haven't seen anyone elses...