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  1. Anthony121

    Door Speaker recommendations for VF SSV Redline

    I added a sub woofer to my redline when I purchased it in 2017 (Actually had the same setup in my MY14 Calais V so it was just moved across from the previous car). While it sounds good with the additional sub woofer, I want better sound in the car coming from the door speakers. As you all know...
  2. T

    Holden VE Berlina 2009 Centre Dash speaker

    Hi, I’ve recently upgraded my VE Berlina speakers and I bought myself a speaker to replace the shocking centre dash speaker but ran into a bit of trouble was hoping with the photos I’ve provided someone could help me out if the speakers I have would work or not. Cheers.
  3. RorzaaBoy

    Need help with stereo wiring

    My stereo was fitted by a degenerate redneck, and i think there was a short somewhere so i pulled it apart. I need help figuring out what wires are what.
  4. M

    VY / VZ Speakers

    Any tips and advice for installing speakers for the first time?
  5. M

    front speakers have stopped working

    Hey guys so a few weeks ago I installed new speakers in the front and rear doors of my vz wagon which worked just fine but a couple days back the front two started sounding a bit crackly so I thought I'd best re-wire them. So far I've redone only from the speakers to the crossovers (Bypassing...
  6. A

    Lacklustre bass after IQ Upgrade

    I've just completed a head unit upgrade on my '07 Omega, using the head unit from a series II SS ute (not sure exact model/year). I have installed Alpine SPR-60C splits in the front left and front right speakers, and before the head unit upgrade everything sounded great. However, since the...
  7. F

    2010 Holden Commodore Omega SIDI - Aftermarket LED Lights

    Hello Guys, Just wanna keep this simple Have a 2010 Holden commodore Omega SIDI - (not series 2) 3.0L V6 I am after aftermarket LED lights for the car to replace stocks Reason: something different and better looking and especially day time LEDS are cool i suppose Very few googling them not...
  8. B

    Amp help

    So to start off i have a 2012 series 2 ve SV6 and want to upgrade my speakers and add a sub. I have decided on my speakers and sub but I don't know what amp to use with these. Here are my speaker and sub selection - Front - Rockford Fosgate Power T2652-S Power Handling: Peak: 200...
  9. 3

    How to remove VS door card??

    Heey guys, I have new speakers I am trying to install into the ute but I was wondering if anyone had a good guide with pictures of how to remove the inner door panel. My biggest problem is trying to remove the door lock tab as i'm not too sure how to get it out and don't really want to break it...
  10. P

    Ve ute series 1 audio setup

    Hey fellas, Im looking at upgrading my audio in my ute. Looking for a new amp, having trouble finding a solid amp. We all know the stock HU are weak as piss, so wanting to amp all of the speakers. What amp should i get to run 4 speakers and 1 sub? The two fronts are XSN1620C - XS-N1620C...
  11. dashdown98

    VY Door Speaker Upgrades?

    Hey guys, I bought a VY S sedan last week and I've bought some two sets of Sony coaxials to upgrade the door speakers. I did some research today and found out they actually have a factory tweeter in the dash (oops) and wondered how they were wired up. I was wondering if the factory setup had a...
  12. F

    Running 2 amps off High Level Input

    Hey guys, Recently purchased an 08 SV6. I have already installed an amp and sub which is running off the High Level inputs which have been tapped from the rear speakers. What I am wondering is, now I want to install all new door speakers and a 4 channel amp to power them. What are my...
  13. R

    94' remove metal speaker brackets and mount 6x9's to the parcel shelf alone

    hey guys just wondering if it is possible to do this or would the parcel shelf have a negative effect on the sound quality, vibrate etc. My friend insists proping the speaker up on a piece of cutout wood above the parcel shelf to fit the speaker through the original 6" metal speaker hole, to me...
  14. D

    Door and tweeter speakers aren't working

    My two front door speakers and both tweeters aren't working and I can't figure out why. They have been replaced with kicker speakers before I purchased my car, so I figure that they've been installed badly or a fuse (that I can't find) has blown as all the other speakers are working normally...
  15. danielnitschke

    [VT-VX] Commodore VX-VT /// Installing 6x9 Speakers

    Hello All, Just finished installing some 6x9's in my VX 2002, much by trial and error. Thought I'd share with everyone and save people some time. There's no step by step that I could find on here that simplified things for us less savvy. 1. Remove back seat bottom part. (Pull two ties...
  16. C

    HELP! problem with DIY car audio!

    i own a 2011 sv6! I purchased it 2nd hand off carsales and with extra money i had left i decided to upgrade my audio! I brought 2 amps, 2 subs, front and rear speakers, all the wirring and everything the bloke at autobarn told me i would need. my house mate is a sparky and he had done some very...
  17. D

    Vz ute rear speakers

    Has any one mounted some speakers on the bit behind your seats on a vy vz ute is it hollow?
  18. B

    6" x 9"s in front doors?

    gotta vs ute, no room for a sub or nothin which doesnt bother me, but is it possible to put anything bigger then the standard 6" speakers in the doors?
  19. Mattde

    6x9 or 6.5?

    So just taking a bit of a poll before I make my next move on my new VZ's audio.... What would ya'll suggest? - 6x9's in the parcel shelf (instead of rear door speakers) OR - 6.5" components in the rear doors? (replacing the cruddy stock ones) Likely to amp them in time and put...
  20. M

    Adding Speakers to VE Sportwagon

    Hi There Just a question that i havnt been able to find an answer for after lots of forum searching... Previously in my last car i had: - 2 pairs of rockford fosgate power 5 x 7's - 1 rockford fosgate p500-4 (4 channel amp) - 2 kicker CVR Comps - 1 Alpine MRX-M110 Because there is...
  21. I

    2012 VE SV6 Z Series

    Hey guys, Just thought i'd post incase anyone has any question! Im getting a new sound system done soon! @ Performance Car audio in bayswater, Melbourne! The set up will be as follows: Remove front middle dash Speaker (distorts like a crazy grandma) Front speakers - Alpine SPR 60C...
  22. D

    VE Ute 2012 SV6 Wiring of Head Unit for Amp

    Hi, I'm installing after market amps and speakers in my ute, I need to find a wire that goes live when the head unit turns on and am having difficulty finding it. Does anyone know how to connect up after market amps or have any thoughts on this? I've tried to find a wire that goes live when...
  23. gremlin007

    VE Berlina Please Help me with my Audio Setup

    Hi Guys I'm new here, this is an awesome forum. I recently purchsed a 2009 Holden VE Berlina with 30,000kms on the clock (from a family friend) And the first thing I want to do is upgrade the audio system ... I'm a Noob please bear with me (Just the Speakers) and keep the current Head Unit...
  24. T

    Speaker Upgrade only

    Hey can anyone offer some advice on if it is worth upgrading the speakers only in my VE SV6 S1. Just bought the car and the left hand front speaker has a buzz about it, so thinking of changing out the speakers only and not the head unit ($$'s) prob the biggest issue at the moment. So what...
  25. VEO55

    VE 3-Way Front Doors

    Hey All, I have been on this forum a long time now and feel it maybe time for me to contribute and share some ideas with you. I have had been working on this in my mind for a long time before this happened. I wanted to install a 3-way setup in my ute, but keep it looking STOCK. It wasn't...
  26. C

    Vt/vx commodore connecting RCAs to headunit

    Hey everyone I'm new here but need some advice on how to connect the rcas from my amp to my headunit I got my Sony double din headunit professionally installed last year and am now attempting to put an amp in my car. My question is how do I take the headunit out? And is there a way to connect...
  27. H

    VN Wagon Speaker Size

    Hey, I'm just completing my sound system now, got the subs, amp, wiring kit etc... just up to buying some speakers, Now i know the front dash speakers in a vn wagon are 4" i believe, Anyone know what the rear speaker size is? I cant be bothered taking the carpet off the sides just to measure it...
  28. C

    after market audio install

    been doin a bit of research on how to install amps ect into my ve would like to know if anyone has had experience with the audison bit ten they are about $300 and give you line outs for front rear and sub cheers
  29. M

    Planning on a budget

    Hi guys, i have a VL which i am building myself as a school project, i work at supercheap part time so my budget for audio is $1000 thereabouts. I already have a head deck and two 6". They are: XS-GTF1627 and CDX GT600UI. Anything that could be bought preferably through supercheap would be...
  30. G

    2007 Commodore VE Omega Amp and Speaker install

    Hi i recently bought this car and want to replace the stock speakers and run an amp using an LOC. I was Just wondering if anyone could help me with trim removal on the doors to replace the speakers and also how to best access the head unit. (Picture would be great)
  31. H

    MP3 Playback Problem - Stereo Intermittingly Cutting Out

    So... I thought I would post this save the possible lengthy troubleshooting. THe problem is when I play MP3's burnt to CD occasionally I get a pause during a track usually round the 22sec mark then 20 seconds atfer. If I use the AUX port I don't get the problem. Now the CD's are straight in...
  32. V

    car audio!!!

    Just sold my vz thunder 6 and bought a vz calais! car already had a decent sound system which included 2x rocksford fosgate P3D4-12 punch series subs - 600w rms 1200 max. 7" jvc headunit (garbage) rockford fosgate Power1000 1400 Watt 5-Ch. Limited Edition Amp (Rockford Fosgate® -...
  33. N

    speaker specs for MY12 SV6?

    just wondering what size speakers i can get for my VE MY12 SV6??? wanting to upgrade my speakers but dont know what size speakers to get in the front or back.
  34. MGNick

    Earthing a battery in a VS

    gday, my sound system is playing up, ive always had a winding/whining noise coming out of my rear speakers but the only time i could hear it when my volume was on 0. since then i have upgraded my sound system from a 1000W 4 ch that powered 2 6x9s and bridged a 12 inch 1200w sub. now im...
  35. speed__demond

    two sets splits up front??

    okay im a bit of a sound quality enthusiast, im thinking of buying another set of splits up front, but im not sure what it will exactly do.. does it just make it louder? or do people cross the woofers over at different frequencys?
  36. M


    ITEM: Focal Polyglass 6.5" CVX and VB (front and rears). LOCATION: Vic, west suburbs of Melbourne. CONDITION: Brand new in the box. PRICE: The fronts (VB) with tweeters, $400, rears (CVX) $280 - or both for 650$ DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up, West suburbs. If you have genuine...
  37. tHe_sTiG

    Bad sound quality, how to improve please?

    Hello there mates, I decided to replace the 2 front speakers in my VZ with aftermarket ones, after the stock on the passenger side blew. I've heard here on the forum that the stock headunit produces 17 watts, however my new speakers have an RMS of 30 and a peak of 210 watts. The sound from...
  38. S

    VY S II Audio help/tips/thoughts

    hey guys and girls, i own a VY S II and im sick of hearing the poor sound quality of the factory speakers in my car, plus it just isnt loud or clear enough. im looking at upgrading the whole audio package but in 2 stages. 1st stage would be new HU, front splits, rear doors and an amp. 2nd stage...
  39. S

    VY S II Audio help/tips/thoughts

    hey guys and girls, i own a VY S II and im sick of hearing the poor sound quality of the factory speakers in my car, plus it just isnt loud or clear enough. im looking at upgrading the whole audio package but in 2 stages. 1st stage would be new HU, front splits, rear doors and an amp. 2nd stage...
  40. tHe_sTiG

    Advice on improving sound quality

    Hi all, I've got a VZ Commodore Executive. Stock Blaupunkt head-unit. Front passenger speaker failed, bought a set of 2 JVC CS-V626 speakers. Installed the new speaker on that side. Now I'm a little concerned that the sound from that speaker is a bit "tinny" and "off-beat", any voices in the...