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speed sensor issues

  1. Cliff2468

    Problem with speedo

    So I’ve seen a lot of post about the speedo not working at all. But the problem with my VS wagon is everything works. It just doesn’t go past 80km sometimes. It either stops or starts to go backwards. It’s clearly not the cluster since I replaced it and still have the same problem (Unless the...
  2. Blaka

    VZ SV6 Manual Speedo Not Working

    My VZ SV6 manual sedan has its speedo stuck at 0km/h when I’m driving. I’ve checked the back of the dash and it’s plugged in and no faulty wires (still could be faulty I only inspected the outside of it). I then looked at the gearbox for a speed sensor but wasn’t sure where it was. All plugs in...
  3. unclepaulie69

    97 vs ute speedo has stopped working.

    hi there i gt a 97 vs 3.8 auto ute,my speedo has stopped working rev counter is still working,cruise control wont,ive tryed a new dash nd it still the same,wot could it be.
  4. BE39ER

    How to test Vr T5 Speed Sensor / Speedo on instrument cluster after manual conversion

    Hey guys, I recently converted my Vr auto to a T5 manual and cant get my speedo working. I purchased a Manual ECU with a performance chip and all the wiring and very detailed info and pics to get the speedo / reverse lights working. Ive hooked it all up and still no speedo. The colours of the...