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  1. JohnnykerkhamVPcommodore

    Highest horsepower NA SS/ 1/4 mile time

    Hey guys just curious as to what the highest horsepower NA SS is with a 1/4 mile time, wouldnt mind forced induction down the track but i also know that would change what mods are happening to the car, cheers guys.
  2. Z31na

    Captured speed trip computer screen

    Its been bugging me for months now. I have an ex police vf. On The trip computer is a "captured speed" screen. Except reseting it to zero 5 minutes after I bought the car no amount of button presses on the trip computer buttons does anything to change this screen. Having this screen enabled...
  3. Thesickness86

    Speed cams catching more than speeding

    Has anyone on here heard of speed cameras catching you for things other than speeding. I was informed by a workmate today of a story his mate told him. I don't believe it or see how it possible but ill repeat the story and see if anybody has seen/heard or can confirm it. STORY Mate drove...
  4. tHe_sTiG

    Redlining: How bad is it really?

    Well, I'm sure we all were in that situation... highway completely empty, already picking up some speed, then hmmm... lets see what this baby can do! Foot down, shifts down, picking up speed like there's no tomorrow! Just wondering, is there any real damage done to the Alloytec on the Executive...
  5. V

    [QLD] off the hook with this one??

    ok, so heres the story. i was driving on the highway doing 150km in a 100 zone (obviously over the limit) and there was a car in front of me doing the same or close to speed, the vehicle in front of me was in the left lane and i was in the right. WE then passed a speed camera van parked on the...
  6. tHe_sTiG

    (Very!) Curious about my car

    Hi all, As some of you on the forum will have noticed, I'm very inquisitve about my VZ Commodore Executive and would like to know it inside-out. I have a few questions I'd like to ask, hopefully you can answer them :D 1. What does the PWR button do? I read it revises the shift-points of...
  7. J

    [Buick] i have a rim problem

    hi all i have a vn commodore as a race car and some drags are coming up as a multi-club sprint and i want to enter just to muk around and i have a nice set of slicks i brough from a good friend(pro drag racer) lol and i was wondering do early model 13 inch rims fit vn commodore and if not where...
  8. shaunington

    [VIC] or [QLD] WTB: VL Manual Conversion Kit (or parts)

    ITEM: VL Manual conversion (either a full kit, or individual parts, I don't mind) LOCATION: Melbourne or SE Queensland areas preferable, but am flexible. PRICE: Depends what you've got, make an offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pickup from seller, or meet somewhere. PAYMENT...
  9. SUSS8

    !!new speed camera alert!!

    I got an email from a mate that was going around about new Speed Camera's Thought Id chuck it on here. For More Info: CEOS - Products - TIRTL There's one on Maroondah Hwy in Croydon between Croydon and Dorset Rds - a few hundred metres along from the bottom of the big hill. Just a...
  10. blindworld1

    Acceleration speed

    can someone please tell me what the acceleration speed of a 95 model Vs Berlina should be doing.. I am currently doing 0-100km in 8.7 seconds and it seems very sluggish. Thanks.
  11. D

    commodore low speed fan on all the time?

    I recently purchased a 99 Commodore VT Executive, auto, v6, etc.. The low speed fan relay was missing when I bought it, and i bought one and put it in.. I now see why the relay was missing - it stays on all the time. The high speed fan operates properly, turning on when it gets hot or...