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speedo cluster

  1. Pierson

    Speedo's stuffed

    Anyone know how to fix a speedo on a vp ute t5 manual.
  2. Cliff2468

    Problem with speedo

    So I’ve seen a lot of post about the speedo not working at all. But the problem with my VS wagon is everything works. It just doesn’t go past 80km sometimes. It either stops or starts to go backwards. It’s clearly not the cluster since I replaced it and still have the same problem (Unless the...
  3. V

    Speedo doesn't even know!

    Hey guy's short and simple.. at 60-80 the speedo move's around in about 5-10km increment's just move's around and doesn't do it heaps but enough for you to be worried if your near speed camera or cop's.. I had clutch kit done so idk if that may have caused it.. anyways cheer's guys :) just want...
  4. SoloTech

    VS Odometer cog - FIX

    Hi, For those who run into the speedo working, but odometer/tripmeter not working issue, after ringing around a heap of Brisbane businesses i.e. Motorama etc, looking for the 25 tooth cog that snaps it's molars and getting 'Sorry, Holden don't make them and we don't stock them", I rang...
  5. M

    New Speedo Cluster

    My Speedo is playing up these days and went to mech and he told me I need a new speedo, quoted me $600 and will set the kms same as on my old one, but i thought was bit steep, So went to wreckers yesterdsy and they are giving me one for $150 with few thousand ks above the current one. So my...
  6. OFFiTS

    Can I change the colours in my VN dash???

    I wana change my speedo colours to something funky... is this possible? I was gonna just pull it all out but I thought I'd ask first just in case anyone has any tips? My car is a 89 VN SS.. :wave: