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speedo not working

  1. G

    Digital Speedo almost invisible

    So the misses was driving Stacey ... much to my shagrin... yes ok an 06 WM Statesman named Stacey... I figure, Bugger it why not, there’s also Connie Commodore but I’m not here to talk about her. So the misses is driving along and says the digital Speedo’s Black, I thought she’d hit the light...
  2. J

    99 vt calais auto, no speedo & stuck in 2nd gear

    I have a 99 calais automatic, currently stuck in second gear, speedo not working & no codes coming up. Firstly we serviced & replaced all transmission solenoids, replaced speed sensor, new alternator and still nothing changed. Any ideas? Mechanic now ordered another instrument cluster as he...
  3. D

    Vn speedo not working

    Hi guys, I have a vn series 2 commodore and i converted it to manual using a vr gearbox and that , runs fine, but the speedo and reverse lights won't work. Anyone have any suggestions or come across this before? should i get a speedo corrector kit?
  4. unclepaulie69

    97 vs ute speedo has stopped working.

    hi there i gt a 97 vs 3.8 auto ute,my speedo has stopped working rev counter is still working,cruise control wont,ive tryed a new dash nd it still the same,wot could it be.
  5. T

    Speedo not working after dash conversion

    Hey all, I recently did a dash conversion in my vp to that of a vr...problem is that now my speedo doesn't work along with the fuel and temp gauges. The trip meter and odometer have also failed. I'm using the original wiring loom as well as the original instrument cluster so there...
  6. S

    Vs speedo not working..did before rwc...dont trust mechanic...please help

    I recently purchased a VS Executive Series II for a modest price from a small car dealer. I tested it and it ran well so i made a deposit and he sent it off for rwc and rego.... When i picked up the car the speedo was no longer working and the mechanic that done the roadworthy said hed fix it...