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  1. Pierson

    Speedo's stuffed

    Anyone know how to fix a speedo on a vp ute t5 manual.
  2. Cliff2468

    Problem with speedo

    So I’ve seen a lot of post about the speedo not working at all. But the problem with my VS wagon is everything works. It just doesn’t go past 80km sometimes. It either stops or starts to go backwards. It’s clearly not the cluster since I replaced it and still have the same problem (Unless the...
  3. M

    [WA] VZ SS Speedo Calibration

    Recently bought my first commodore (VZ SS) and the first thing that I noticed was the speedo is reading about 80% of the real time speed. The car is on newish wheels and recently had its diff replaced (not sure what ratio, was done by previous owner), so no doubt that would explain for the...
  4. V


    Hey everyone, I've done a manual conversion on my 5 speed Vz Calais to 6 speed manual. I've gotten all the modules out of an SV6 and everything matches up and the car starts. since completing the conversion my digital and analog speedo will not work but all the other gauges work fine. Everything...
  5. K

    Change VE digital speedo in MPH?

    Hi Guys, I've moved to the UK and have shipped my VE SV6. Does anyone know if the digital speedo has a function to change to MPH? If not, has anyone changed a fascia in the past?
  6. N

    VX Calais - Speedo out, tyre wheel recommendation?

    Hello, A few problems, maybe all have the same cause. I've recently bought a VX Callais, its V6 Supercharged, has been owned by a govt dept and old people and has been well looked after and properly serviced. It has factory 16" Alloys, not sure what tyres are on it (couldn't be bothered...
  7. V

    Speedo doesn't even know!

    Hey guy's short and simple.. at 60-80 the speedo move's around in about 5-10km increment's just move's around and doesn't do it heaps but enough for you to be worried if your near speed camera or cop's.. I had clutch kit done so idk if that may have caused it.. anyways cheer's guys :) just want...
  8. B

    [Other] WTB: VXR8 Speedo/Gauge Cluster

    ITEM: VXR8 Speedo/Gauge Cluster Hello, I realize that the VXR8 is not sold in Aus but I'm hoping someone may have or have information leading to a VXR8 gauge cluster that I may purchase for my project G8 (VE) . I'm looking to take advantage of the newer series having 3 information windows...
  9. J

    wk caprice speedo out (changed diff) south australia

    Hi all, i have a 04 caprice 5.7L auto, have recently changed my diff from the standard 3.08 to 3.46. now my speedo is out and wondering if you know anyone in adelaide who can adjust it. alot of mechanics dont want to know about it or dont have a tech 2 computer, and i cant justify paying...
  10. T

    speedo not working in vs after manual conversion with manual loom

    hey guys i just converted my vs to manual and i am using a vs manual loom but on the loom it self the plugs arnt the right plus for the speedo sensor can anyone help me out on how to hard wire it or something i can only find forums for auto loom please help me asap?
  11. M

    Vs ss tacho issues plz help

    Hey guys just bought a vs SS and obviously previous ######## was playing with the speedo cluster, the revs and speedo work but the KMS travelled doesn't clock up at all also air bag light doesn't turn on AT ALL, would anyone be able to send me in the right direction at to fixing this ? never...
  12. derjizm

    EOI: Custom VL Clusters [POLL]

    Hi all, not sure how many VL users use this site compared to others, but I'll post this here for now. I'm looking at possibly customising VL instrument clusters by adding a small LCD Screen with battery voltage, speed, trip meter and odometer. I'm still working on it, but If I can get it...
  13. Manual Calais

    vn s1 new diff gears, no calibration, rev limiter change

    Hi guys, I reccently got a lsd put in my vn manual v6 s1, at the same time i got the diff gears changed from 3.08 to 3.45. Ever since i got this done my car has not been going as well. For example, i used to beat my mates manual vs by a car length, now we are even, my mates auto vy same deal. i...
  14. D

    Vx cluster help!!

    Hey guys i have a vx Series 2 and i an doing a vy conversion, basically i was rewiring the cluster to suit a vy and i had to much troubles, rev's speedo ect wouldn't work. Soo ive decided to stick with the vx cluster but now wired everything back to standard and my k's dont come up the 3 windows...
  15. J

    Vx transmission

    Hey guys ! my 2002 VX Sedan Manual has recentley been making some noises from my gear box, they were nasty and my speedo was all over the place. I was driving to the mechanics earlier and the noise stopped completely and my speedo has completely stopped working, any suggestions to what it is!?
  16. adam sv6

    speedo recalibration for new diff

    Ive searched far and wide for this answer from forums to the holden dealership to no avail. How can the speedo be recalibrated for a diff change? and price? i have a sv6 my09 auto 5 speed.
  17. M

    VZ - All dial gauges stuck

    I have a 2005 VZ Commodore wagon with 140K on the clock. All 4 of the needle/dial gauges have become stuck at some point whilst I was driving yesterday. The temp is at 1/3, the taco at 1,500 rpm, the speedo at 80km/h and the fuel at 3/4. Here's what I've discovered so far: - the digital...
  18. G

    urgent help needed changed speedo sensor now car wont start

    Hi Guys Changed speedo sensor on vp auto this morning and now car wont start, the starter motor just makes a clicking noise but wont turn over. all dash lights on ok. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks Glen
  19. M

    New Speedo Cluster

    My Speedo is playing up these days and went to mech and he told me I need a new speedo, quoted me $600 and will set the kms same as on my old one, but i thought was bit steep, So went to wreckers yesterdsy and they are giving me one for $150 with few thousand ks above the current one. So my...
  20. D

    Setting up trimatic speedo drive to use with autometer speedo in km's with elect odo?

    Apologies for double posting and offending you in doing so NonStick Squid.
  21. M

    Replacing VK Speedo

    My VK is a strange assortment of parts from various Commodore models and my father is the mechanic so please excuse my ignorance! My VK has a blue 202 and was initially an auto (Hence having a vacuum gauge on the instrument display) My father put in a clutch and fitted a Phillipino...
  22. Paul_grima

    Cluster Help..

    y Hey im just looking for some help on a cluster issue. I recently took out my cluster and while i when i fitted it back it and turned on the ignition it shorted out and started smoking. I bought a level 2 cluster and have fitted that, but when i turn the ignition on the temperature gauge...
  23. dah_man_ben

    Digital Speedo

    I know this has been covered before, Iv'e read everything I can find on it... I just want to know though, does anybody with a Berlina/Calais VY have the digital speedo activated? Cos according to all the other threads on here about it, Holden can just activate it with their Tech2 thing and...
  24. VK SL 3800

    Vk 5 spd speedo gear.

    Hi guys Just trying to work out if i have the right speedo gear for my new gearbox & diff combo, the car is currently a standard mc6 4 speed with the standard borgwarner diff (gu5) and im putting in a 5 speed m76 borgwarner pretty soon and im not 100% sure if the green gear (21 tooth) i have...
  25. Jester88

    help please speedo out by 30km on a 97 VS

    well the problems written in the title so i aint going to waste too much of your time, but id greatly appreciate it if somebody can help me fix this problem.from what i understand i have to replace the speed sensor or something of the sort. (there not like the old ones where ya just repace the...
  26. clarmatt

    speedo problem

    my speedo is playing up sitting at 0 and with just the slightest tap of the dash it jumps up to the right speed, just wondering what you think it is, i was told it was some sort of wiring........???
  27. M

    [VR-VS] How to fix speedo VS Commodore

    There have been many posts regarding Commodore speedos not working. Most of the advice tends to direct owners to either check their 'speed sensors', replace little internal cogs in their speedos or replace the cluster. Having bought a cheap secondhand VS I was faced with the problem of no...