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  1. T

    VS Body Red 202 motor HELP

    So I’m in the mix of building a speedway car and I have to have a motor with a carby so I am going to put a Red 202 motor in a VS body just need to know what Kframe and other details I should know?
  2. H

    VN 3 Speed for Speedway Car

    I'm currently in the process of building a vn commodore production sedan for speedway and really would like to know if a holden 3 speed manual synchro gearbox would fit onto the buick vn engine as it is an automatic and no good for speedway racing. thanks.
  3. B

    Ecotec V6 Speedway car trouble.

    Hi, i`ve got a Vh commodore speedway car running a ecotec V6 with a 3 speed manual. I`m having major problems with it and was wondering if anyone could help me out? The problem i`m having is the engine starts and goes really good for a few minutes then starts spluttering and eventually just...
  4. D

    202 Camshaft Selection

    Hey Guys Wanting to get opinions on what cam to use for a 202 back motor used for speedway . Engine has an VK EFI system with magna injectors with a Haltech F10X management system . In our rules cams are open but the cylinder head is not allowed any porting or rollers but all...