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  1. S

    VE Speaker upgrade

    Hi all, first time poster here. I'm looking to increase volume and bass in my 2010 VE Berlina wagon on a budget. I was looking at installing a 4ch amp with high level input instead of installing a LOC and low level input amp. Then replacing the front and rear speakers with Pioneer G1645R ($45...
  2. V

    Where doyouinstall your crossovers for your front splits?

    Hi All, I'm going to be installing a whole systems worth of gear sometime soon and was wondering where people have installed crossovers for their front splits? I usually hear of kick panels, but i'm not really a fan of that idea, as the name suggests, you'll be forever "kicking" them. Twice...

    Best Audio system for a VT sedan?

    So basically I'm looking at upgrading my sound system, considering the car is a calais it came out with a very decent sound system (still all standard) and I don't mind it, gets me around for the time being, I do have a Alpine head unit that is in my Falcon wagon (soon to be wrecked) that has...
  4. speed__demond

    two sets splits up front??

    okay im a bit of a sound quality enthusiast, im thinking of buying another set of splits up front, but im not sure what it will exactly do.. does it just make it louder? or do people cross the woofers over at different frequencys?
  5. S

    VY S II Audio help/tips/thoughts

    hey guys and girls, i own a VY S II and im sick of hearing the poor sound quality of the factory speakers in my car, plus it just isnt loud or clear enough. im looking at upgrading the whole audio package but in 2 stages. 1st stage would be new HU, front splits, rear doors and an amp. 2nd stage...
  6. Gilly91

    Installing aftermarket tweeters VS II ute

    Hi, I am trying to install a set of splits in my VS ute and wanted to put the tweeters in the stock location. I tried and tried but could not work out how to remove the plastic covers on the dash where the air con comes out on to the windscreen. I removed the side panel of the dash (also...
  7. D

    VE Speaker Basic Upgrade...

    Hi all, just a quick question i couldnt find by searching,, its probibly too obvious... The VE (and probibly earlier models too) how is the tweeter / mid front speaker setup accomplished by factory?, is there a passive x-over? (simple capacitor / inductor setup or what?), what i am asking is...