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  1. J.Burg

    Ute questions

    Gday guys I had a few questions about my ute and modifications that I’m doing to it Can I put a ve or vf senator front bar and grill and my non hsv vf ute? Am I able to lowering springs out of a vf wagon and put them into my ute or are they different? Can I fit a ve HDT aero spoiler on a vf...
  2. M

    Adding a Rear Spoiler to Evoke

    Hey guys, I was just wanting some info on adding a rear boot spoiler (not a lip spoiler) to a 2014 Evoke. It has no lip spoiler at the moment. How hard is it to do? Where is the best place to buy and fit one around Brisbane or surrounds? Sorry if these are stupid questions, bit of a noob here.
  3. J

    VE omega sedan Spoiler installation?

    Hey all, i recently bought a 2009 VE omega commodore and am interested in installing a rear spoiler on it, is it possible? if so how much would it cost to buy a spoiler and or paint it the right colour?
  4. ReaperTBS

    Unable to reattach spoiler

    Hi there, I was having a particularly frustrating and exhausting day/night, couldn't be bothered washing the VZ, and instead decided to just take it through one of those dodgy automatic carwash places as everything else was closed. I figured unclipping the loom and undoing four nuts was easier...
  5. 1998 VT Executive

    1998 VT Executive

    Lowered at the rear with custom bumpers, skirts and wing Tinted tail lights and windows 19" Wheels 3.6L V6 Custom exhaust tips
  6. C

    normal VE series 1 bootlid spoiler fit a Clubsport Series 1 VE (20080?

    Very new here, so im really sorry if this has been asked in the past. As the title says, im just wondering if a bootlip spoiler of a series 1 VE (SS,SV6 etc) would fit on a R8 Clubsport Series 1. Thanks alot!
  7. N

    Clubsport R8 Spoiler on an SS

    Hi All, Has anyone here put the spoiler off an R8 Clubsport Sedan (VY) onto an SS Sedan (VY)? If so did anyone have any troubles and are there any pics around? The whole car is getting re-sprayed anyway so not that worried about paint/colour related issues, just wondering if it would be an...
  8. T

    Boot lip spoiler, custom made and painted for $47

    I wanted to buy the original ve series 2 boot lip spoiler, but you can hardly notice its there. VE S2 Commodore Calais Boot LIP Spoiler NEW Genuine GM Unpainted SS SV6 Omega | eBay Plus it's $165 including postage I found an alternative for $47 bucks ! If anyone is interested I can...
  9. R


    gday guys just wondering if yous can tell me about despoilering my vz sv6 is it easy? and should i get it done professionally or what?
  10. C

    [VIC] WTB VX SS spoiler

    DESCRIPTION: WTB VX SS spoiler in color H154 (Silver) (perhaps a bodykit depending on conidition and pricing) ITEM: VX SS spoiler in color H154 (Silver) LOCATION: Victoria, Mornington CONDITION: Preferably new. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Happy to pay postage, or travel to/near Melbourne...
  11. J

    vy - wk spoilers

    Will a spoiler from a vy (senator) fit a wk caprice?
  12. Hazard-ous

    Advice to install/fit lip spoiler

    Hi all, I bought a lip/bobtail spoiler about 2 years ago for my VE and FINALLY got it painted last week. But I’m a little baffled on how to fit/install it as I don’t remember there being anything apart from screws provided. So my question is how have you installed/fitted yours? I’m...
  13. B

    [SA] Swap vt boot lid (tungsten) with spoiler

    wanting to swap a boot lid with an executive spoiler for a boot lid with no spoiler Model: vt/vx Colour: Tungsten (gold) Condition: good Located: Adelaide region, SA Contact: call or text anytime 0431 965 865

    New VE

    My new VE SS V , it is differnt than most SS's around, full body kit including interior and dash all HSV Has following mods Ramjet Otr Aftermarket custom exhaust with dump pipes , sounds old school future mods if i decide to keep it.... Cam something like a 225/232 or even a 232/234, headers...
  15. G

    front spoiler for 2002 VX HBD series 2

    Hi Guys just got a vx 2002 series 2 HBD only 200 produced but front spoiler is missing. I have search internet and looked at body kits but none are the same and i cant find a replacement, does anyone know where i ca get one? Gleno767
  16. S

    VT - Spoiler Brake light replacement

    My Vt s pack is missing the brake light on the spoiler (was like that when I bought it). Any ideas about were I could get one?? ...I dont wanna have to buy a whole new spoiler and I am thinking that it might be a genuine item and may have to go to a wreckers??
  17. JSTCOZ

    [QLD] WTBorTRADE for VT S2 boot lid

    ITEM/DESCRIPTION: VT S2 boot lid, no spoiler holes. Bermuda Blue. LOCATION: Brisbane, QLD CONDITION: Used, minimal marks DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: can pick up in Brisbane Area. PAYMENT OPTIONS: 1) cash or can transfer money to bank 2) also willing to trade for a vt bermuda...
  18. xtreme_sony

    [QLD] Vp Boot Spoiler For Sale

    I have a Boot Spoiler Off a VP Commodore, Its Silver in Colour and in VGC (Very Good Condition), It has the built in Brake Light. Its has the wiring for the Brake Light Aswell. I removed it only for the reason (I AM NOT A SPOILER PERSON). So if you are interested Just put up a POST or PM me with...
  19. xtreme_sony

    Will A VN Boot Lid Fit A VP Commodore

    Howdy everyone, just took the spoiler off my vp, and i have found a vn boot lid, same colour, better paint than mine, no spoiler holes, they only want $20 for it. Will it fit a VP because its off VN ?. Cheers, for $20 heaps easier then boggin holes, :-)