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  1. R

    My new pride and joy

    I have just spoilt myself and finally now own a VE Black Sportswagon...im very chuffed with myself To me she is the flashest car i have ever owned in my life and i enjoy driving her. I am hoping that in joining the forum, as suggested by my mates, that I get to take care of her. Now that I've...
  2. Cody Jayne

    Overheating and aircon not working?? SV6 2009 VE sportswagon

    hey everyone! Having some issues and would love some opinions on what’s going on! My car has 255,000ks, no leaks or anything like that and I get her serviced on time. My oil, coolant and water are all filled up (not over filled) The only issue I have is my transmission on the computer is...
  3. N

    Vf2 sportswagon suspension

    What are people running as aftermarket suspension on their ve/vf wagons? What works, what would you change ? Looking for less body roll and 30mm lower on vf2 6.2l calais v sportswagon.
  4. K

    3.6L sportswagon power?

    anyone have any ideas on how to push abit more power out of a 3.6L sidi sportswagon with out spending tones of money.
  5. K

    Ve sv6 sports wagon boot release button

    How do you replace a Ve sv6 sportswagon boot button/touch pad and how much would it cost
  6. H

    VF Sportswagon Evoke Boot

    Hey guys, I have recently bought a 2013 Evoke wagon and in the boot there is a plastic cover which has an additional battery holder. Does anyone know if this is reversible and does it cost all that much? Having a quick look at it i'm guessing i'll need to replace some of the interior walls down...
  7. W

    VE SV6 Sportswagon Rear Windscreen Wiper Problem

    G'day, I have a VE Series II SV6 Sportswagon. When i turn my rear wiper off after clearing the rear windscreen, it swipes down to the bottom of the windscreen and then swipes up a couple of inches and stops. The next time i open my tailgate the rear windscreen wiper does a full cycle of...
  8. Vxcalaisv8

    VF Calais Mylink question.

    Hi guys. So my father just bought a VF Calais Sportswagon with the Mylink system (satnav not included) Is there anyway to link Google maps from his samsung galaxy to Mylink so he can see/hear google maps through the system? What do you guys without satnav in the Mylink do for GPS?
  9. J

    Series 2 Omega Kit Upgrade

    Sorry if this has come up once before, couldn't find anything in the search. I've got a VE Series 2 Omega Sportswagon and wanting to upgrade to the SV6 Front Bumper + fog lights. Two things, where's the best place to buy and can I fit all myself? I have a feeling the fog lights I might not...
  10. L

    VE II SSV Sportswagon Project 2x15"s and 6" upgrade

    Greetings all. I'll be detailing my system build in my (recently purchased) 2012 SSV Redline Sportswagon. Hopefully it helps someone along the way. TL;DR - If you have a VE Sportswagon you can find pictures, schematics and box designs here. The Plan 2 x MTX T8515-44 15" Subs 2500W monoblock...
  11. L

    Sv6 sportswagon 2012

    hey guys im new to this so i hope im in the right place if im not excuse me please redirect me though.. i have a sportswagon and i want to upgrade my sound system its not like a normal car where you can buy a headdeck and install it in because the model 2012 sportswagon has the big as deck...
  12. Z

    VE Commodore whinning at 50kmh

    Hi all, Can't begin to tell you how much I love this site. Most times you have answered all my questions before i've ever needed to post but i can't find a thread that matches the problem I have this time. I'll add as much detail as I can. I have a 2008 Holden Commodore Ve Sportswagon that...
  13. A

    New 2012 SV6 Sportwagon running rough after 4 days

    Hi all, I bought a new SV6 Commodore Sportwagon 6 days ago (straight from the factory, only 17kms on it when I received it). For the first 3-4 days I was amazed at how smooth the car was on start up - completely quiet and still even when cold. The quietest and smoothest car I've ever driven...
  14. B

    Sportwagon: Dodgy Partitioning Net Install??

    Have just returned from Holden dealership after having a partitioning net installed in an SV6 sportwagon. Upon inspection the top metal bar of the partitioning net does not sit flush with the mounting brackets in the roof - resulting in several millimeters of the bolt shaft being exposed, and...
  15. thetreeman

    Atomic G8 SSV Sportswagon

    Atomic G8 SSV Sportswagon My new baby built 2010 New number plate attached since photos G8 SSV standard at the moment except for tint pack and tow bar, just got 5000 km on clock wanting OTR cold air induction 2.5 in exhaust from diff to rear, and 1 dyno for now rest...
  16. B

    Ve sv6

    For anyone interested in the direct injected SV6 - I've had my SIDI sportswagon for a month now and with 2250km on it I took it to the creek last Wednesday, 25/11/09 to see what they really do and give myself a base to compare too. It pulled consistent 15.3 seconds at 149km/h in full auto...