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  1. F

    VF SII Sportwagon Sv6 Subwoofer

    Hi all, I'm picking the question has probably already been asked many times however I cant seem to find the answers (that in itself possibly answers the question). I'm wanting to add a sub to the boot of my sportwagon. Only a 10 inch in a small box so wont take up a lot of boots pace, though...
  2. S

    ZB RSV mud flaps/spats

    Hi all. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for moulded spats for an RSV wagon. I've drawn a blank with both Holden and Vauxhall. Unfortunately the car will never be popular enough for third-party accessories. Thanks.
  3. R

    I need a Ve guru

    Hey guys I have tried everything to fix this. Numerous mechanics and holden dealerships but still no luck. I have a 2010 VE sportwagon done 194kmz about 2 or 3 months ago I noticed the steering getting a bit tighter ( only low speeds parking and roundabouts) checked fluids no leaks everything...
  4. B

    Avoid Motoquipe and Wet Seat

    After a bit of research l decide that a good quality set of Neoprene seat covers are the best way to protect the leather seats in my VE Calais, especially with three little girls and their booster/safety seats in the back. After finding Wet Seat via an online store called Motoquipe l call them...
  5. S

    Help Buying 09-10 SV6/SS Sportswagon

    Hey all, New to justcommos, just after a bit of advice as i'm very new to VEs Looking into buying 2009/2010 sv6 Sportswagon. (or ss if it really takes my eye) I've had a look at a couple and decided i want White! Not for a family, i'm only young finishing uni, and would like to go...
  6. H

    [VE] Changing/accessing tail light assembly on Sportwagon

    Thought I'd do a video to remove some of the guesswork. Enjoy... <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/_uVDPPzrHzs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  7. D

    Quick Questions : 2010 SSV Manual Sportwagon

    Hi guys, Good day to you. Im new here and i am actually going to put a deposit down this Friday for a 2010 SSV Manual Sportwagon. Before i do that - just wanted to see if any of you guys have any negative comments about it. So that i will know what i am getting myself into - i have...
  8. S

    Decal Ideas for SSV Redline Sportwagon - Series II

    Has anybody designed a decal for the sides of the sportwagon and is willing to share it with us. We did an extensive google search for decal ideas and most / all were designed to suit either sedans and utes. We have spoken to few decal suppliers and they all say the same: "Can you send us...
  9. D

    Boot release wont work on ve ss-v sportwagon

    hi all having dramas with the touchpad boot release for the tailgate on my ve ssv sportwagon! has worked intermittently over the past few days, and have checked any fuses and relays i could under bonnet and front passenger foot well regarding 'rear end release', and all is good! anyone...
  10. UFO

    MY10 VE Sportwagon "Eleanor"

    Name: Chris Model: MY10 VE International Sportwagon Colour: Sandstorm Bodykit: Full SS Front and Sides with Foggies Engine Type:3L SIDI Suspension: Pedders Sportsryder Springs (dropped 1") Wheels/Tyres: 20" Supersports with low profile rubber Interior: Leather Other Mods:GT Exhaust Tips...
  11. E

    Sportwagon roof bars problem

    HI, I have a new Sportwagon Berlina and am having problems with the roof bars. The mechanism to attach them to the roof slots is a neat design. However, it's VERY difficult to get the bar attachment points to slot into the roof. Even when everything is clean & perfectly lined up, it's...