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spray painting

  1. lifel355

    What did you want to be?

    What did you want to be as a child/teen and what did you end up becoming? I wanted to be a mechanic as a kid. I always liked watching car shows and watching people working in garages fixing cars. I am now a spray painting apprentice second year. I drifted off the engines and decided the...
  2. amos_executive

    WA Fibreglass spray painter

    Hey all, as the title says just chasing someone who does fibreglass spray painting in or around Perth. any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
  3. iaydemir

    Need suggestion's picking color!

    Hi Guys, Need suggestion's on what colour i should go with my VY. Its going to be a full respray, also have a sunroof that is going on. Because if the chrome trimmings etc on the outside im thinking of a Jet black, or a charcoal kind of colour but still have no idea.. Any suggestions?
  4. H

    How Much am i looking @?

    Hi there, Can someone tell me if they have a fair idea on how much it would cost to spraypaint my 1995 holden commodore vs station wagon? (and it might need to have the kit on it put on more properly.) The color at the moment is white and i would like it to be a nice green metalic color...