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  1. L

    black vy ute touch up

    I'm looking for somewhere in SA to give my ute's paint a new lease of life for a low price. Just want the same colour to get rid of scratches (no dents). It's pretty straight just few dings around wheel arches and around the top of the bay. Anyone got any suggestions and an idea of cost?
  2. A

    Restoration: Spray paint options in Northern melbourne

    Hi All, I recently purchased a VK with the intention of doing a bit of home resto (including re spray). But i have just been offered a job in which a fully maintained vehicle is part of the base salary which means I can now sell my jap-crap daily. The plan os to throw whatever money I make off...
  3. V

    Spray booth hire!!

    hey fellas, do any of you know where i can hire a spray booth, i have my own painter and im preping the car myself. im in south east melbourne, please help!!
  4. H

    How Much am i looking @?

    Hi there, Can someone tell me if they have a fair idea on how much it would cost to spraypaint my 1995 holden commodore vs station wagon? (and it might need to have the kit on it put on more properly.) The color at the moment is white and i would like it to be a nice green metalic color...
  5. VjamesY

    Hmmmmm what paint to use????? bmx bike

    Hey fellow jc's i am in the process of painting and restoring an old bmx bike for something to just cruz around on to mates houses n stuff like that, also for a bit of shits and giggles. I have just stripped the bikes paint and parts and started getting out all the small marks, i want to do...