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  1. A

    Buying Used Coilovers

    I've recently found some used XYZ coilovers for my VF, the seller has stated that nothings wrong with them and all is working well. My question is, are there any problems with buying used coilovers? id have to double check how many kms on them, but are there certain things I should lookout for...
  2. Ta Moo

    Airbag suspension

    Hi everyone, I brought a airbag suspension in ebay and it a boss kit drop in. After I install it. I try to ride on with air up also down, the air pump up slow and only reach to 35psi with hard pump up. it feeling like a very soft spring that went on the rock. Then after two hour. Going back in...
  3. Ta Moo

    Spring replace with airbag

    I want some advice, how to cut of the bump stop for my commodore. And where to cut it. For air bag Bolt in to go in. I would appreciate it, if you guy give me some advice and some video or photo..

    VX surging while driving & Clock Spring

    Need help!!!! 2002 Holden VX Berlina V6 While driving car starts to surge, cough and splutter ... what ever you call it lol. Started off just while under load but now getting extremely bad while sitting on cruise. It has become a major issue. Now I cant take off at lights or any...
  5. S

    Help lowering and random sounds

    I have a 91 Executive Vn, on mags, dobinson superlows and shortened monroe shocks, its not low enough and I don't know how to make it lower without making it illegal? any ideas? THANKS =D :idea3: Also I have a random knoking sound coming from my front right strut somewhere after I put the...
  6. WazzaVN

    [VIC] Wanting To Trade SSL's for SL's

    DESCRIPTION: Swap/ Trade ITEM: Want to trade 2 Rear King Spring SSL (VP - VS IRS V8) springs for SL's of the same type. LOCATION: South Easter/ Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne Victoria. CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Trade on pickup please. Do not want to post. PAYMENT...
  7. T

    Clutch pedal spring

    Hi guys, I'm trying to fit a new clutch pedal spring to my VB V8 pedal box and i'm not having any luck. It may be a dumb question but how does it go on, i have honestly tried every bloody combination i can find to get it to go on but it just doesnt seem to want to work. I have seen a few...
  8. MovieDude

    VE SS using FE3?

    The service centre told me that current model (VE) SSs have FE3-rated suspension/springs. He said that in response to my criticism of its tendency to wallow in corners. Apparently previous models used FE2 but Holden softened it to FE3 to make the SS appeal to the masses. Is this truth or tripe?