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  1. Z


    Hi folks, I need your help. As you can hear in this vid I recorded, there is a squeak when ever I push on the motor with super squeak occurring when putting pressure on the alternator. Furthermore, it squeaks a lot when driving along too. I did originally think it might have been the...
  2. ReaperTBS

    Wobbling Harmonic Balancer - 2010 Calais V

    Hey all, Just wondering - it's not yet been 30 days since i got my Calais from a dealership, and have noticed some issues. I figured driving it for a week and keeping an ear/eye out for some stuff would be advisable, and then i could call them back to have them fix whatever ridiculous issues...
  3. 2

    VT sedan squeaky door trims and frames

    Hi guys! For months my 1998 VT sedan's door trims have been squeaking and making a rubbing sound whilst the window is all the way up, and I am getting to the point where I just can't stand it! Done some light research and people say it's the felt around the door frames that make noise. have...
  4. E

    VH SL/E 4.2 Trimatic .. Constant squeak??

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with a constant squeak coming from the rear of the car? It is there constantly when driving so I was assuming it was coming from the suspension somewhere. I guess I was just wondering if anyone has come across this before so I can get an idea...
  5. S

    WM V8 Caprice is squealing

    Hey guys, got a question. One of my coolant pipes blew off, the clamp seems to have given way. So I replaced the clamp, drained all the coolant fluid and refilled with new stuff. Now the belts are squealing like crazy!! I've dried them off, cleaned them, getting all the **** off. I've used...
  6. MiKExAUS

    VZ SV6 Squeak

    Hi Guys, This weekend i'm doing a big service on my sv6 with my dad. Bought a new radiator (90 bucks), water pump (30bucks) and a pipe for the aircon (current one is leaking). I also have this annoying bloody squeak on cold start up that I want to get rid of (since I'm pulling apart a fair...
  7. A

    Front electric windows squeak at top when winding up

    I've looked through countless threads on this forum for this issue and have not come across any solutions. Both of my front windows squeak/screech when going up and down at the very top of their wind sequence. They are electric windows. This is NOT the rattling issue others have...
  8. R

    vh stalls when braking/ sqeaky boot in stationwagon

    hi guys, i have a 3.3lt straight 6 blue motor witha varajet carby on my vh commodore. Standard stuff. Basically the car was sitting there for a while before i got it rego'd the other day, but it seems that when the engine is cold i can pump the brakes hard and the car will just cut out! The...