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  1. R

    Brake Upgrade for VE SSV

    Hey all, Just wondering whether anyone has had any experience with upgrading brakes to stop squealing? Mine currently squeal at even the slightest touch of the brake and had them checked, mechanic says they're fine and it is a common problem. Don't want to spend more than $1500, would it be...
  2. S

    WM V8 Caprice is squealing

    Hey guys, got a question. One of my coolant pipes blew off, the clamp seems to have given way. So I replaced the clamp, drained all the coolant fluid and refilled with new stuff. Now the belts are squealing like crazy!! I've dried them off, cleaned them, getting all the **** off. I've used...
  3. H

    Need some help with my VT

    Hi all I have had my VTSS now for about 2 and a half weeks and it was a present from the hubby. I started it up yesterday and got a squeal noise that was constant from the pulley area and it stayed constant until I got it home. I tried some WD40 on the belts which did not seem to help but when I...
  4. S

    squealing noise from vs 5ltr

    Hey guys. From a cold start when i set off I can hear a squeeling noise coming from my engine bay. But when the engine is warm the squealing stops. Any ideas???
  5. tdirago

    Brakes squeal hard when i brake

    When i brake, there is a loud squeling sound coming from the brakes, i cant pinpoint any particular one. So I did as the mechanic had suggested a month before and replaced my front disc pads and also spray painted my calipers. The squeling has got worse ;(((((( what are some things i can...
  6. MovieDude

    Brake squealing when cold

    My brakes have developed a squeal when applied cold. This started soon after I bought it just over a year ago but repeated visits to the service centre have done little to rectify the problem. The pads were replaced for a different material and the problem went away for a while but has now...