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  1. P

    Airbag Fault/Dual Battery (Ex-Police)

    Hey guys, Recently bought a VE SS MY12.5, it's an ex-police vehicle (dual battery, trap mode, extra button near sunnies). Anyway, I occasionally get airbag fault show up just after start. Sometimes will do it while driving. Some days I don't see it at all. Had it at Holden for the 90k service...
  2. Hancock5158

    Fitting SRS steering wheel on non-airbag VS. (+ turn signal cancel fix)

    Good evening. I just got done fitting a genuine HSV leather steering wheel out of a VS Clubsport into my non-airbag series III VS ute. Couldnt find much info on the matter before i started so once it began looking like it might actually work i decided to snap a cuttla pictures before i put it...
  3. P

    VZ sv6 SRS light on after having a flat battery

    Can anyone help i have a vz sv6 and got a flat battery and after getting the car restarted it now has the srs warning light on after looking in other posts it seams to be a common problem and needs to be reset with a tech 2 scanner tool ... Does anyone know anywhere or anyone in perth northof...
  4. bluemeanie23

    {HELP} SRS tech 2 error code 20?

    hi guys i'm new to this fantastic forum thanks for having me its amazing how much useful information is on here my hat goes off to you all i was driving the other day(safely) and low and behold srs fault popped up on the clusters display also red srs light so i took it to a mechanic he hooked...
  5. J

    Brought Seats with side airbags. my car didnt come with them. should i remove them

    I brought some vz sv6 seat for my vx. the seats have side airbags in them but my cars old seat didnt have them. should i remove them as the plug is not connect to anything? or should i leave them in. and they shouldnt randomly deploy on me as hey are not connected.
  6. Jimmy_d_jr

    Engine clicking abs and srs fault, help!

    Hi guys, New here so be easy :) So this morning it started fine but now, the dash beePs and displays srs and abs faults and then when I go to start it the engine just click (preventative I assume), and all I've done today was run some wiring Between firewall and console as I just did the...
  7. H

    Vs Air Bag Light

    hi guys i need your help.... i was working on my car last night (basic service) after was all done was just letting it run for a wile heres the thing tho ...... after about 5-10 min the car just died. for what i could gather at first for no reason i wasnt touching anything at that point...
  8. R

    VYII Berlina ABS intermittent fail

    Hi All, I have started getting an ABS fail warning with a loud ascending warning tone, at the same time the SRS light comes on. I noticed today when the fault occurred there was a tiny box with a cross in it showing below the degree symbol on the climate LCD panel. I found I could reproduce...