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ss gauges

  1. J

    How to turn off pursuit/night mode in my 2011 VE series 2 SS Sportswagon ex VIC cop car

    I have recently pulled the battery out of my VE Series 2 2011 SS Sportswagon to charge and when I have reconnected the radio display and instrument lights, fuel gauge, temp gauge and tacho are no longer working. Speedo still works however and the display on radio flashes on for a second upon...
  2. Jono191

    Aftermarket Guages vy ss

    hey guys i am lookin at putting maybe a voltmeter guage and a oil pressure guage on my 04 ss. the clubbies have them set up on the top middle of the dash. is it hard to put on a ss? has anyone done it? feedback would be awesome guys.. Cheers. was gonna buy one of the double holders on ebay so...