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ss induction

  1. Benjamien.C

    SS Inductions Growler????

    Hey, i’ve recently purchased an SS Inductions growler CAI for the vu, and have seen a lot of different story’s for/about this intake, why do so many people hate this intake so much???
  2. J

    OTR questions.

    hi guys. Have this OTR (SS twin filter). I know the SS growler had a bad rep and am wondering what people's thought are about these? Should I run it or buy a VCM/Dus?
  3. I

    Commodore SV6 2011 Series2

    I just installed an ss induction growler and a Xforce 2.25 catback and i was currious do i need to tune the car or not? im also thinking about going for headers and cats but in 2 months time.. furthermore i was thinking about making it look better please share your ideas and btw its in...
  4. D

    SS Induction kit installation question

    hi, just a quick question for the ss induction kit that I picked up for free the other day... After I removed the standard airbox, there is a plastic shroud under the head light that helps direct air into the hole in the standard airbox.. is this left in there or replaced with the ss induction...
  5. vscom88

    The Green Machine

    Name: Andrew Model: 1997 VS COMMODORE Seires 2 Colour: Botanica Mica Blue Engine: 3.8 Liter Ecotec VS (Soon to be stroked) Power: 160 RWKW Transmission: T5 Manual Clutch: Ceramic Button Clutch Modifications: maFless tune, custom cai, 3:9 differential gears to a single pegger, front mount...
  6. C

    temperature gauge problem after installing CAI!!

    i own a 2004 vz commodore and just recently installed an ss grolwer kit. after installing that, a few days later i started experiencing some temperature gauge fluctuations it would go from cold to a quarter, then up to hot, then back down to half and back up again. during installation i may...